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Every day in our lives, we come across many incidents where Mother Nature surprises us with its magical phenomena. The incident that we are going to talk about today is also something related to one of those surprises which a farmer from Italy was able to experience recently.

So as our title says, naming a dog as “Pistachio” (a green color nut that is slightly sweet) is not something we have heard before. But it was called so for a reason. So let’s see why it is named so and the story behind this incident.

Image credits: Reuters

In the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, there lives a farmer named Christian Malloci. On his farm, he had a female dog named Spelacchia, which was about to give birth. When he woke up, Malloci realized that Spelacchia had given birth to 5 cute little puppies. But there, he noticed something unusual. He saw that one of the puppies had light green color fur, he was amazed by this, and he decided to name this little pup “Pistachio,” going by its complexion.

All four of Pistachios’ siblings had white fur. Malloch and his wife decided to give away the other four pups for adoption and keep Pistachio for themselves. And they were hoping to train Pistachio to look after the sheep on the farm and its mother, Spelacchia.

Image credits: Reuters

Soon, the word spread all over Italy, and as a result, one of the mainstream broadcasting channels visited this farm to report this unusual incident. After that, the whole world got to know about this.

Also, after this went on, mainstream media scientists from all over the world were very much interested in finding a cause for this kind of thing to happen. After all, their explanation for this pointed out two main possible ways this could have occurred. The 1st one is when a puppy with very light color fur comes in contact with “Melatonin,” which is the earliest stool produced by an infant animal inside the womb of its mother. The 2nd one is this kind of a thing that can occur when the fur of a pale-colored animal comes physically in contact with a green color pigment named “Biliverdin,” which is present in “Bile” (an enzyme produced in the liver which helps in digestion of lipids).

Image credits: Reuters

Malloy believes that as green is the color that symbolizes luck and prosperity, this incident will bring good fortune to their lives.  

But the thing is that the green color in the fur of Pistachio will not last for that long, it has already started fading, and it’ll continue till its fur becomes pale white.

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