A puppy finds comfort in a sleeping baby resulting in a lifelong bond.


Let it be, animals or humans, the growth from a baby to an adult, is something beautiful to watch. Can there be anything cuter than seeing a baby and a puppy grow up together? This is one such story of a puppy named Callie, and a baby boy named Lan, who grew up together as best friends.

Callie’s early days of life were quite rough. The original owners didn’t treat little Callie properly. When Callie was only three months old, her original owners abandoned her. They tied her to the fence of Lan’s house secretly and left.

The kind-hearted members of Lan’s family saw the little puppy who was tied up to the fence. They decided to take the little Pit Bull/ Catahoula mix as one of their family.

The family fed little Callie with delicious milk, cleaned her, and introduced her to a new friend. Yes, it’s little Lan.

They placed Callie next to Lan, who was in a deep sleep. Callie slowly went near Lan and observed him for some time. After she felt safe, she made herself comfortable and went around Lan slowly. The snoozing of Lan made little Callie sleepy too. Callie’s eyes started to get droopy, and she was ready to fall asleep.

Little Callie turned around and looked at the camera with her cute eyes wide open as if she was asking for permission to sleep.

A question is being asked from the puppy by someone in the background. “Don’t you know how to lay down sweetheart?”.

Callie’s behavior shows that she doesn’t know how to lay down. With a restless look, she seems to fall over.

Finally, Callie had found her perfect spot for sleeping. With a relieved look on her face, Callie kept her head on Lan’s back and lay down to rest.

The adorable scene made the room filled with melted hearts. Everyone was fascinated and was enjoying the cuteness of the pair.

With this incredibly adorable scene, it was the startup of a beautiful bond. One of Callie’s owners had stated that she was the sweetest dog they had witnessed, and the pair still plays together.

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Passing three years, the bond remained with the same energy. Callie had grown bigger while Lan was an infant. Also, the relationship has been broadened. A video posted by Lan’s mother shows how much they are good at playing together. Callie was even taught to sit by Lan.

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After every time gets a treat after a good deed. Lan appreciates Callie with the words ” Good girl.” The pair is a wonderful match.

The viral video of Callie and Lan went up on youtube in march of 2012. It’s now 10-years passed. So the next question in our mind is, where is Callie now? Lan’s mother had us covered; the 10-year-old Callie is still bonding with infants.

They had a new member in the family. Lan had a sibling, and Callie had a new friend. Being natural with babies, Callie bonded with the new baby in no time.

It is clear that Callie is not only adorable but also, good at looking after babies. She lobes her human siblings other than anything in the world. Callie being in hands of such a great family is a relief for us. Glad that she found such a blessed family as her family members.

Don’t you like to enjoy this cuteness of the duo? Check the video below.

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