A proud father who made a malnourished kid an Olympic athlete.


Jerry Windle never imagined himself being a dad. Yet all his thoughts changed with one article he read about a single gay dad who lived during the nineties; Being gay was something challenging during the time. Despite all those difficulties, the single das did adopt a child from Cambodia.

Reading the story about the father and son planted hopes in Jerry’s mind.

With hopes filled in, Jerry called a number mentioned in the article. The number is said to belong to an adoption service. He did need to know if a single individual could adopt a kid.

For Jerry’s good, the service replied, yes he could.

A few months later, Jerry became a dad of an 18-month-old boy from an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The boy was named Jordan. But his health condition was worse; he suffered from malnutrition and severe infections in some body parts. Hence, he had scabies and intestinal parasites.

Despite all the health issues, Jerry took intensive care of the boy. Hence Jordan was brought up to a level that he did represent the county in the Tokyo Olympics.

Jordan Windle was orphaned at the age of one year. After his parents left him, Jerry became his guardian angel. He was able to represent the U.S., on the Olympic Diving team, after being the second in the qualifiers.

Jordan had said that Jerry’s voice was heard over every voice during competitions. Unfortunately, COVID 19 restrictions made it Jerry to prevent visiting Tokyo. But he still supported his son.

Jordan said he wished his dad was there. Yet his dad’s absence didn’t pull him back from what he was to do. Jordan was up to a goal. Having fun, showing off a little bit, and putting on a show for everyone were parts of his plan. However, at last, his main intention was to make Jerry proud.

When Jordan was only 7 years old, he got a chance to impress a person named Tim O’Brien at a summer camp. Tim was the son of a diving coach. Tim’s father had coached legendary diver Greg Louganis in his carrier as a coach.

Starting diving at the 7, Jordan won his first national junior national championship at 9.

Though Jordan represented the U.S., he still represented Cambodia in his heart during the Olympics. He symbolized it with the Cambodian flag tattooed on his arm.

Jerry at home gathered all his family and friends and organized a watch party at home to show support for his son.

Jerry said that he was disappointed to left Jordan alone in his journey, yet it was a peak point in his carrier with Jordan. Jerry always needed Jordan to get a great experience like the Olympics, which would be an advantage to his future.

Jordan stated that his father was always in his memory.

He also expressed his love for his father, saying that he is purely diving to make his dad happy since Jerry loves watching his son compete.

Jordan was very grateful for everything he got in life: thanks to Jerry. His words of gratitude were as follows. ” Without him making all the sacrifices, affection, and support the whole time we have been together, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have him to thank for all my achievements. It has been amazing to journey with him, and we are still rolling.”

The words by Jordan are really heart-touching.

Learn more about the father and son from the video below.

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