A predator remains as a spoiled house cat after being rescued.


What kind of animals comes to your mind when reminded of pets?

Usually, it’s cats, dogs, fish, and so on. But some do prefer crossing their comfort zones when choosing a pet. Probably it is not usual to watch someone hanging a pet snake around their neck. Sometimes a raccoon, a lizard, or a spider may become a pet. However, these pets and owners have certain limits and rules to get along with.

For example, a pet snake would be best if the creature is venomless. Unless the owner must be hardly qualified to handle his pet. But recently, an Instagram account was posted on a pet cougar living with two people in a one-bedroom apartment. You didn’t get it wrong. It is a large predator as a pet. ( A cougar is also called a mountain lion or Puma according to the originated regions of the creature. They could grow 7 feet long and could weigh 200 lbs.)

A Russian couple, Mariya and Aleksandr Dmitriev lived in a one-bedroom apartment. They had an exotic pet, a mountain lion named Messi, living with them. The pair first met young Puma at the Saransk Zoo in Penza when he was only 8 months old.

Once Messi was born, he had many health hazards that needed special medical care. The heartiest couple needed to get in the sickly cat’s life to help him recover.

So they asked the zoo if they could have any chance to buy the cat. It was a surprise that the zoo said yes.

It wasn’t an easy-going procedure at all. Yet Messi caught up quickly and loved the attention he got. Messi was a lot weaker with his health issues. So the couple had to work hard to get him back to normal.

After all the hard work, Messi is now all good and lives healthy. Yet he is still only two-thirds of an ordinary Puma. Messi must have two walks a day with lots of attention. Literally, he is similar to the dog when considering such aspects. In times of sickness, Messi didn’t have himself active. So the couple had to train him step by step, and he got used to it.

The couple said they have a similar sense of owning a pet dog.

They created Messi, his own private space using their corridor. It included a tree with pretty big branches to climb and a hiding place to sleep in. They chose a wise option for Messi because they could not get a wild animal trainer.

Messi was taken to dog-training lessons. He is regularly responding to more than 10 commands, which is excellent.

How the canine masters who attended the same class would react to a large mountain lion being present is beyond my comprehension.

The cat, however, seems quite comfortable, I have to admit.

“Messi persuaded us through his actions that he belongs in our household as a whole and won’t do anything wrong aside from a few minor misdemeanors. He enjoys the interaction and is really friendly. He gets along quite well with others,” remarks Messi’s master, Aleksandr.

Messi also has his own pages on Instagram and YouTube. He is a well-known big cat with over 2 million active subscribers.

What do you think about living with such a big and possibly dangerous cat in a one residence?

This pair claims that “this was what we were made for” and doesn’t seem to care.

The pair designed Messi’s unique leash to enable them to safely and somewhat in command take him on excursions and outings.

“He is only a typical cat, although a large one. He behaves just like a cat,” claims Aleksandr.

Many of the community are against Messi becoming a pet and residing in a tiny apartment. Most individuals believe that Messi belongs in a wildlife sanctuary. Some argue that having such a violent beast around is just too risky.

According to the couple, Messi hasn’t ever lived in the wilderness or provided for himself. Thus he would be unable to survive in the wilderness.

“For sure, it’s pretty risky keeping a giant wildcat at home, but Messi is different. He is special,” the couple said.

However, this wildcat is undoubtedly enjoying a higher quality of life than most cats. The owners know the risks of sharing a bed with a big cat.

I’m just eager to know Messi’s diet. Normal cat food probably wouldn’t be sufficient for this enormous cat.

Messi requires a lot of upkeep. However, the couple is kind, caring, and prepared to make an effort necessary to coexist with this lovely cat.

If you are inquisitive about knowing how to clean a Puma, check out the clips below.

Regardless of the giant’s domesticated behavior, I would be terrified to share the same room with it.

This is how a large Puma appears to be engaging in play. Messi is very kind! Actually, he’s just a big kitty. Anyone who takes a look into their daily activities would understand it.

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