A police officer becomes the father of a 2-year-old girl after rescuing her; everyone appreciates his act of kindness.


“She was adorable. Her beautiful smile emotionally touched my heart.”

Police officers dedicate their whole life protecting and helping the general public. Sometimes they risk their lives and do unimaginable stuff to save people from harm’s way.

They always do their best, but sometimes, they fail. Police officer Lt.Brian Zach once failed to rescue a 13-month-old victim of a case he handled.

It was many years ago, in 2011, but the memories of the case still give Lt. Brian nightmares. However, after the incident, Lt.Brian got motivated to be better at his job and never let something like that happen again.

One night, on a day he was doing a night shift, he got a call about the case of a little girl who was only 2-years-old.

The little girl named Kaila was saved alive but was severely injured.

After receiving the call, Lt. Brian immediately left to go to the crime scene. Then he spent the whole night there comforting the little girl. Lt.Brian played, watched the animation movie “Wreck-it Ralph, ” and did some drawings with Kaila, to make her happy.

Lt.Brian’s heart melted, watching the cute girl smile and play with brushes all over her body.

“Kaila was the cutest little girl I’ve ever seen. My heart was touched when she grabbed my hand and kept it on her lap with her little bruised arm. I think she felt safe around me, and that’s what I wanted too,” Lt.Brian said in an interview.

Little Kaila was later admitted to a nearby hospital to treat her injuries and bruises. During her time in the hospital, Lt.Brian came up with the idea of taking Kaila home with him. So Lt.Brian went home and told his wife about this cute angel. He explained to his wife about Kaila’s situation and told her that he wanted to help the poor child growing up in safe hands.

But the process of adoption wasn’t an easy one.

As there was a criminal case, Lt. Brian had to take measures to make sure that taking Kaila home wouldn’t affect the case. Not only that, but the whole Brian family also had to be careful.

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Even though Lt. Brian took the cutie home, it wasn’t official. Therefore, the whole family had to avoid getting too attached to the adorable little girl. And that was hard, and every member of the family wished that they could adopt her.

A few weeks passed by, and eventually, it was determined that Kaila’s birth parents weren’t the best people for a child to grow up around. This paved the path for the Brian family to start working on the process of fostering Kaila.

“The little girl needs the love and warmth of a family. Her real family wasn’t going to give her any of that. Therefore we decided to step up for Kaila and give her a family,” Lt. Brian explained.

After a long process, the Brian family officially adopted Kaila on 18th August 2020.

This heartwarming act of kindness impressed a whole lot of people. Even the Kingman police department chief, Rusty Cooper, was impressed by Brian’s actions.

“I’m very proud to have someone like Brian in the Kingman Police department, and I’d like to thank the whole Brian family for their kindness. Brian’s actions are more than enough for anyone to understand his dedication to his job. Hats off to the beautiful couple, Brian and Cierra, for their commitment towards uplifting the little girl’s life,” Rusty Cooper said during an interview with Good Morning America.

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