A police officer and his wife foster five children; the children’s dad was shot dead by their mother.


Officer Quintana arrived at the crime scene only after the children’s dad passed away. Rather than separating the five children into various adoptive homes, the cop and his beloved wife opted to adopt all five children.

Sacrifice may take different forms. It may appear to some as throwing yourself in a risky position for the sake of others. And In other cases, gift takes the form of parents trying their best to provide food for their children. This story is about a brave father who sacrificed his life to save his five children.

Officer Nicholas Quintana was having lunch when the police station received a call about some unpleasant news, a murder.

“I was simply enjoying my meal when we received the call, and I attended the call quickly as it was the emergency line,” he told FOX5.

Officer Quintana arrived at the crime scene on Osaka Pearl Street to find a lady who had allegedly killed a male. Turns out that the man who she killed is her spouse. When more cops arrived on the scene, they discovered that the couple’s kids were also there at the incident.

Officer Nicholas was thinking about the poor innocent children’s fate right away.

“This is really a tragedy. I’m sad for these kids because they will now be sent to child Haven”, Nicholas stated.

The incident was beyond work for the officer. That’s because officer Quintana experienced something identical when he was a youngster about the kids’ age. The cop’s dad was murdered by a family member in the same way. It was like the scenario was repeated here. The five kids are now parentless.

Officer Quintana said to FOX5, “This incident brought back a flashback from my youth when a close family member killed my dad.”

“I understand how much agony these kids are going through as I’ve experienced it myself in the past.”

Therefore, the officer committed to aiding the children in any way possible. He hurried home immediately after completing his duty and made a huge proposal to his wife. He told his wife about the innocent children and felt compelled to adopt them. He didn’t want to see the children split up, and he knew that if he didn’t adopt them, there were no chances of them being together.

The decision to adopt the children concluded once Officer Nicholas’s spouse met the children.

Unsurprisingly, she was apprehensive about it. “I kept telling her,” Listen, sweetheart, you have to see these children, just once. I’m sure that you will love them,” he explained.

They travelled home as a new family just two days after meeting.

“I kneeled down before them and said,’ Kids, we’re here to help you. We’d like to adopt you guys and take you home with us.’ The 16-year-old froze in surprise for a while and replied, ‘Really?’ to which I responded, ‘Yes,’ and then the eldest kid asked, ‘will you take every one of us?’ to which I replied, ‘Yes, all five of you,'” Nicholas said.

As you might expect, the new way of living required considerable adjustments.
It’s a big leap from just a couple with no kids to a family with five kids. The North Las Vegas Police Officers Association established a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family with some of the expenditures associated with taking care of the five adorable children. Kind people donated money for them, and they raised almost $68,000.

The five children now have a house and are together. Sacrifice takes many forms for different people. However, for Officer Nicholas and his spouse, it takes the form of five children whom they absolutely adore.

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