A polar bear cub is accidentally startled by a baby seal in the cutest wildlife footage.


The young polar bear appears to be laughing in the photo after the seal suddenly appeared. It’s adorable!

Such innocents lives. Amazing and lovely is nature.

(A BBC production crew) The team was following a mother polar bear, her two young pups, and their epic trek from the Svalbard Islands to the North Pole when they came across an unexpectedly humorous scene. The hungry mother immediately began pursuing seals, which are polar bears’ primary source of food, after they arrived at the unending glacier, in the hopes that her two kids would also acquire their [hunting] abilities.

But the mother bear’s expectations are soon [ruined] as one of the cubs epically [fails] on her first lesson. Inspired by the fearless mother, the cub seems more determined than ever to catch her own dinner, but only to fell on her back with fear, when a baby seal found its way through the ice just in front of the bear. And clearly, the little one didn’t expect to this…! Typical boy!

But as soon as one of the cubs fails her first lesson in an epic fashion, the mother bear’s hopes are quickly dashed. A young seal broke through the ice in front of the bear, making the cub more motivated than ever to capture her own supper after being inspired by the mother’s fearlessness. And it’s obvious that the young one didn’t anticipate this… Boy, howdy!

playing, and then… I appreciate the adorable video, BBC.

This is one of the cutest things ever seen…! Absolutely precious!

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