A photographer won’t have to take pictures anymore because their photos will be used to make AI images for a client.


Antti Karppinen took photos for a customer which created enough data so AI could generate images of the models, and Antti didn’t have to take any more pictures.

Karppinen has developed incredible technology that is part of a visual plan for his customer, Savon Ammattiopisto.

He says that he has been studying how AI can be used to create images for over a year, and now he can use this tech to do a difficult project to a satisfactory quality and standard.

Karppinen starts by taking photos of the models like he would for any job. But then the photos become something special and unique.

This project started by taking pictures of models to use as teaching materials. These teaching materials are given to the AI, which then creates a model of the person in the photographs. This model can then be used in image production.

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now help you put photographed people in the locations and clothing of your choice. We are creating a new collection of AI models.

Making pictures without using a camera.

Once the photoshoot was finished, Karpinnen took selfies of the model that they had taken themselves to help teach the model that creates images. In total, the photographer from Finland has 20 different photos of each model.

The process of creating images with artificial intelligence then starts. Karppinen uses different AI programs in order to get the desired result.

He tells PetaPixel that it’s not a simple task to explain the whole process because it involves many steps.

To get the quality of images I want, I use AI to craft the perfect result. This is different to the Lensa mobile app that became popular. That app is there to make cool fantasy-style avatars. Here I am using AI to create good-quality pictures. This is a more complicated process than just using AI, it needs several stages.

The end result is attractive, eye-catching photos. They also have an unnatural, eerie quality; this is a feature that is unique to AI created images.

Karppinen states that once the “machine” is created, the possibilities of AI don’t stop there. This machine can create images cheaply to fit the project’s requirements.

When you want to create a Valentine’s Day post with a photo, you can use someone else’s educational material to make a unique image related to the topic, using their image.

Nobody needs to hurry to get their picture taken; it can all be done from your home office.

Karppinen thinks there are lots of possibilities and he is eager to work on more of these projects.

He adds that AI offers incredible possibilities; from illustrating design furniture to creating a fantasy forest, styling hotel rooms to making corporate brand images.

Karpinnen states that he is aware that AI image generators can be a contentious topic, but he has his own approach and way of coming up with images.

He states that this is one of the largest and most innovative technologies released in recent years, and it will divide people.

I can see both sides of this, so I’ll learn as much as I can about it and find out where this technology will lead us.

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