A photographer ventures into an abandoned cruise ship, and the results are excellent.


Everyone knows the story of the Titanic and its tragic outcome. However, this has not been the only maritime accident in recent years. The Costa Concordia cruise promised a unique experience and the best vacation of your life, but it was not like that, and it ended at the bottom of the sea.

Spend a couple of weeks on board a majestic ship with all the amenities you can imagine, surrounded by beautiful blue waters, enjoying the company of the sea and the natural wonders the planet offers.

The Costa Concordia was considered one of the largest cruise ships in the world, measuring 290 meters in length and 61 in height. It had 1,500 cabins, five restaurants, 13 bars, theaters, casinos, nightclubs, swimming pools, and spas.

On January 13, 2012, at 9:42 p.m., the Costa Concordia sank off the Italian island of Giglio in the Mediterranean Sea. A maneuver by Captain Francesco Schettino, who got too close to the island, caused the ship to hit a rock formation and open a gigantic 70-meter-long leak through the entire hull.

4,229 people had boarded the ship, but only 4,197 made it out alive. They declared 30 people dead and two missings, and later they confirmed their deaths for being unable to find them.
Antonello Tievoli had asked Captain Schettino to arrive at his homeland, the coast of the Island of Giglio so that the passengers could get to know the place up close.

10 years have passed since the tragedy, so the German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski wanted to explore the ship and document everything he found.

Here is a photo of the wreck of the Costa Concordia after hitting an underwater rock formation and, unfortunately, wrecking.

This tragedy has a single culprit prosecuted: Captain Schettino.

An hour and thirteen minutes took the captain to order the evacuation. The ship was already pretty much included. Also, while many passengers were struggling to get off the cruise ship, he was safe on dry land, in breach of marine regulations requiring the ship’s captain to be the last to leave.

“Submerged Truths”

During his time in prison, Schettino wrote the book “The submerged truths”, where he explains his truth about the tragedy and exonerates himself from all responsibility. The book is a bestseller in Italy. All its copies were sold in less than a month.

For a couple of years, the Costa Concordia was stranded on the coast of the Isle of Giglio.

In 2014 they were able to return it to its upright position to transport it, by tugboats, to the port of Genoa, where it will be destroyed.

Jonathan Danko Kielkowski saw an opportunity to go inside the boat and take some interior photos.

In the following images, you can see everything from passenger suitcases to the fascinating lounges of this cruise.

People’s belongings were still scattered around the halls and rooms.

an abandoned theater

The casino was severely damaged. You can see the smashed slot machines.

The rooms are still intact.

The details of the staircase

the inside of the ship

The control panel where Francesco Schettino was probably when the ship began to sink.

Now there are only abandoned corridors.

The boat lift with traces of water

There are several elevators intact despite the weather.

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