A photographer took a picture of Poseidon’s face in the stormy waves.

The photographer was amazed when they saw the photo they took of a face clearly visible in a wave.

Cody Evans was shocked when he uploaded the files onto his laptop and saw what was there.

Evans took 10,000 photos of the striking waves in Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada. One of the photos was particularly special.

He told CBC he was really surprised . He said that waves and clouds show something like this usually, but to see it so clearly was incredible. He said the photo was particularly impressive compared to the others.

Evans took pictures with a Nikon Z9 camera and a 200-500mm lens.

Evans describes it as “crazy” and “the perfect day.” He’s been going to the same place for three years, attempting to get good photos, and says he’s never had a better day than that one.

Evans thinks the face looks like Poseidon, the old Greek god of the sea and storms.

Stormy Waters.

The strong winds in November gave Evans a chance to take a great picture. The wind was blowing at up to 64 km/h.

Evans told CBC that taking pictures in cold, windy weather is difficult, but the powerful winds make for some fantastic pictures.

The waves were crashing severely because the pier was pushing the water out into the lake. When the water was pushed out, the waves crashed into each other, creating huge waves.

Gales are particularly common between the fall and winter seasons thanks to the lakes still being relatively warm compared with the cold air mass.

Daniel Liota, a meteorologist from Environment Canada, explains that the southwesterly winds traveled a long way over the lake, creating those waves on the surface.

Talented Shooter.

Evans likes to take pictures of a lot of different things. You can find motorsport, aerial, and nature shots in his Instagram feed.

His photos of the face in the wave show that if you persist and work hard, you will be rewarded.

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