A photographer saw an owl that was really good at hiding in a tree.


A photographer was searching for a great grey owl to take pictures of in a forest in Canada. While looking, he unexpectedly found one that was incredibly good at hiding by blending into the tree’s bark. The owl’s camouflage was truly impressive!

In May, James S. Batuigas, a 45-year-old photographer who loves taking pictures but is not a professional, was driving for 5 hours to his favorite spot for taking wildlife photos in a forest located in British Columbia, Canada. During his journey, he came across the owl.

Batugias shared with the UK newspaper Daily Mail, “On that day, my plan was to search for the great grey owl. As I was driving along a road in the forest, I carefully looked at each tree, hoping to spot one of them during the midday when they usually take a rest.”

“Then, all of a sudden, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I noticed movement on the tree trunk, and that’s when I realized the owl was cleverly blending in with the tree’s bark.”

The owl had such a similar color and pattern on its feathers as the tree it was perched on, that the photographer explains he would have completely missed spotting the owl if it hadn’t turned its head to look at him.

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