A photographer lost his GoPro when he dropped it underneath a cruise ship, and the results were very scary.


A photographer let a GoPro sink under a cruise ship during the day and night to get exciting and also scary footage.

Odysseas Froilan starts the video at daytime on a ship’s engine room. He then lowers a GoPro camera on a fishing rod into the sea.

Right away, lots of fish came to the camera, and a big pike was curious and swam straight to it.

Several pikes under the boat seem confused by the camera, staring at it suspiciously.

Unfortunately, Froilan doesn’t give us many details about the video. He is a Greek photographer who posts amazing wildlife photos on his Flickr page, but we can’t figure out where the cruise ship video was taken.

Froilan let the GoPro camera fall to the deepest part of the ocean. We saw the ship’s anchor there and some interesting fish swimming around.

When the five minutes is up, the GoPro comes back up out of the water and then it shows night footage.

Froilan put a light on his GoPro so he could see the fish even though it was dark.

The camera dips to the bottom of the ocean and schools of fish are visible. Suddenly, a giant shark passes by, appearing scared as it quickly swims away, turning and jumping in different directions until it disappears.

Next, we see a much bigger shark swimming by with a remora fish beneath it, not paying any attention.

The video has earned 1.5 million views, and people seem to enjoy its simple and unedited quality.

“Paula WhiteDove says that one of the reasons this video is so special is because there’s no distracting music playing in the background. This video is almost like you’re experiencing it in person,”

It might not be possible, but how great would it be if cruise ships had some cameras on the outer part so guests could always watch what is swimming around underneath them,” suggests Calladeem.

People are interested in seeing what is happening underwater by dropping cameras into the ocean. PetaPixel recently wrote about a man who threw his GoPro into the Gulf of Mexico to find out what was happening down there.

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