A photographer forms a close relationship with a captive wild cheetah.


Working with wildlife is not an easy task. Accordingly, wildlife photography isn’t as simple a task as it seems to be.

Dolph Valker is a wildlife photographer and a volunteer at the cheetah experience breeding center in South Africa. The Cheetah Experience in South Africa is a place where special dedication is given to the protection of the vulnerable South African cheetah. Dolph had to work for months to gain the confidence of cheetahs, before entering the wild because cheetahs become anxious very easily and are quite shy, sensitive, and introverted animals.

After getting exhausted due to a long day in the sun during one of his trips to the wild, he decided to sit under the shade of a tree and take a nap. While Dolph was resting quietly he was beheld by a wild cheetah named Eden. She slowly approached Dolph, sniffed him, and spent the entire night sleeping next to him.

When Dolph woke up, he was astonished to see a wild cheetah sleeping next to him. And this was the beginning of a fascinating and rare friendship. Eden is so close to Dolph that she cuddles him, nibbles him, purrs, and snuggles with him. A video of them together went viral online and watching this amazing video of a cheetah sharing an adorable friendship with his human is heartwarming and has melted millions of hearts online.

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