A photographer criticized Vogue magazine for giving her only $300 for an entire day of shooting.

A photographer has brought attention to the low payment she received from Vogue magazine, sharing that she was only paid $300 for a full day of shooting and editing work.

Roxy Face, who is from O’ahu, Hawaii, shared an email she received in March this year from Vogue Polska. In the email, Vogue Polska requested a “short fashion film” and mentioned that due to their editorial budget constraints, they could offer $300 for the filming.

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Facer shared this information on her TikTok page, which then led to a discussion about the appropriate compensation for photographers.

In another video, which has now been viewed over five million times, Facer mentioned that Vogue contacted her, requesting the removal of her video where she revealed the amount they paid her for a full day’s shoot. This suggests that Vogue may be trying to get her to take the video down.


Its gonna be a pass

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Facer continues to stand her ground and posted a third video with the caption: “Do you truly believe that sharing payment rates from Vogue and potentially being excluded from future opportunities is a wise business move?”

The majority of comments on Facer’s TikTok were supportive of the photographer. One TikTok user wrote, “They should feel ashamed! Keep up the excellent work and self-advocacy!!”


Its gonna be a pass

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Many people praised Facer for her “transparency” and for taking a stand against Vogue. Jericho Rell commented, “Don’t allow them to treat you like that anymore. ‘They’ have been mistreating all creatives for far too long. That’s unacceptable.”

However, not everyone expressed sympathy for Facer. One person suggested that $300 “seems reasonable,” but this viewpoint faced strong opposition from a community of creatives who were trying to educate that individual on the challenges and expenses involved in pursuing a career as a photographer.

Some individuals suggested that the low rate might be due to Vogue Polska commissioning the work. However, even people from Poland in the comments emphasized that $300 is considered low in that region of Eastern Europe.

@roxyfacer Replying to @Jericho Rell #freelancecinematographer #freelancephotographer #fashionphotographer ♬ original sound – Roxy

In a subsequent TikTok video, Facer elaborated on the three criteria she considers before accepting a job. The first factor is the budget, the second is whether the job will enhance her portfolio, and the third is the potential for networking opportunities.

Facer emphasized that networking is “probably the most important” factor among the three because of the potential to connect with individuals who can provide her with more job opportunities in the future. She further explained that a significant portion of her work, around 80%, comes from referrals.

Facer seems to focus more on shooting videos than still photographs, and she specializes in working with film, particularly 8mm and 16mm formats.

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