A photograph changes the fate of two dogs from getting Euthanized to living happily in a permanent home.


Their life changed thanks to the photograph.

The population of street dogs increases day by day as the thoughtless owners leave them without any guilt.

Rescue shelters have addressed this problem, but they can’t answer this problem completely, as the room in their shelters has a limit. They try their best to help the animals by finding people who would adopt them, but if they were not able to find someone, then the innocent dogs will have to go through Euthanasia(The practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering).

Euthanasia in animal shelters has brought up controversial debates as it’s an act that questions humanity.

But this has been the only way for many animal shelters to free space to help more.

Anyway, many animal welfare activists and other animal rescue organizations have opposed this cruel act and have suggested that it should only be implemented on animals who are severely ill to save other animals from getting infected. The majority of shelters have agreed with this, but still, some of the shelters follow this controversial act.

The two dogs that headlined this story were saved moments before getting euthanized.

The dogs named Kala and Keira were hours away from getting put into permanent sleep as they were next to get euthanized in their shelter.

The two dogs were transferred to the Etowah Valley Humane society’s (EVHS) animal shelter in 2015. It’s a non-profit animal shelter in Georgia. From then on they were always together and even shared the same cage.

The shelter was running out of space, and eventually, it was Kala’s and Keira’s turn to get euthanized.

Some kind-hearted people who got to know this shared this message to find a person who would adopt the two dogs. A member of the Angels Among Us pet rescue heard this message, and he immediately informed the rescue about the innocent dogs’ fate. At that moment they had no available animal fosters and therefore started finding one or a person willing to adopt them.

They took a snap of Kala hugging her best friend Kiera and shared it on social media. They emotionally shared the dogs’ fate, with Kala begging for help.

The people who saw the post were saddened by knowing the dogs’ fate and started sharing the news hoping to find someone who would help the poor dogs.

The news went viral quickly, and the results were positive. A gentleman who agreed to adopt them temporarily rushed to the shelter to get them.

The dogs got saved.

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The gentleman wrapped his arms around the duo and got a big thank you with kisses.

The dogs’ temporary owner made their time with him and treated them with love and care while the animal rescue was looking for a permanent home for them.

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Three months later, finally, they found the dogs’ a permanent home. Pam Cody and Wendy Newman, two best friends, and roommates, offered to give them a permanent home for the rest of their lives.

This is how two dogs went from, moments before getting euthanized, to living happily in a new home. The photograph changed their lives in a manner that no one expected.

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