A photo of Rumer Willis breastfeeding is causing a lot of talk and disagreement.


Rumer Willis, who is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, posted a picture on Instagram. In the photo, she is breastfeeding her daughter, Louetta, as part of her 35th birthday celebration. She used the post to think about her first year as a mom, expressing that being a mother makes her feel more beautiful than ever.

Willis often shares parts of her life on social media. This specific photo got people talking when a fan questioned why she decided to share it. In reply, Willis responded with a strong and uplifting message, celebrating the beauty and strength of motherhood.

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Rumer declared that she has officially entered her “Hot Mom” phase, and shortly after, she wrote a heartfelt letter that resonated with many. One fan expressed their thoughts to Rumer, saying, “Dear, I wish all mothers could read this, as you perfectly describe the beauty of a woman’s body and motherhood.”

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Rumer Willis posted a touching message on Instagram where she praised her body for creating a whole human, even though it may feel and look a bit different now. She shared her amazement at seeing her daughter’s smile, looking at her adorable face and tiny toes, and the joy in her eyes when she wakes up and recognizes her mom in the morning.

Willis understands that her body is still going through changes, but regardless of the shape it takes, she’s thankful for all that it has done and continues to do. She added, “My breasts might be bigger and maybe a bit lower, but what a gift and privilege that they can feed and provide nourishment for my Lou. They also make a fantastic pillow while we co-sleep.”

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On her 35th birthday, Rumer shared a photo of herself, mentioning that she was “ridiculously sunburnt and feeding my Lou.” She revealed that it was on her previous birthday that she discovered she was pregnant.

Motherhood has made Rumer feel more at ease and self-assured in her own skin than she ever thought possible. As she starts her 35th year as a woman and a mother, her main goal is to have the strength and confidence to let go of anything that no longer benefits her or her beloved daughter.

In response to this post, a follower asked a simple question, “Why?” Rumer gave a brief but clear answer, saying, “Because I want to. 😘”

The picture sparked controversy in the comments on Rumer’s post. Some argued that such personal moments shouldn’t be shared publicly, while others celebrated the beauty and privilege of breastfeeding newborns. They expressed that breastfeeding should be normalized and appreciated as a natural and beautiful aspect of life, rather than frowned upon.

Rumer emphasized the importance of sharing breastfeeding pictures, stating that she believes it’s crucial. She expressed that there’s a significant amount of shame associated with being born into a female body, and she wants to set an example. Rumer aims to teach her daughter that she should never be ashamed of her body and that she has the power to decide how she wants to share it.

Bruce and Demi’s daughter is savoring every moment of this journey as it’s her first experience with it all. She holds a deep appreciation and respect for all the women who have gone through this journey before her. Rumer believes that things like breastfeeding should be celebrated rather than criticized or shamed.

© rumerwillis / Instagram

Rumer Willis is recognized for being open and candid on social media.

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