A petite woman catches the internet’s attention with her remarkably long torso.


A young woman has stirred up the internet with her exceptionally long torso, encountering trolling and even being likened to aliens. Despite the challenges, Emmie is resolute in embracing and highlighting her uniqueness, underscoring that our differences can be a wellspring of strength.

She went viral.

© emmielovescows / TikTok

The 23-year-old, known as @emmielovescows on TikTok, garnered widespread attention through a viral video showcasing her in a brown cropped top and green pants. The video has accumulated over 35 million views, with viewers praising her unique physique.

Her body proportions are one-of-a-kind.

The young woman, who consistently shares videos celebrating her unique physique and slender figure, receives praise from her followers, with some suggesting she pursue a modeling career. Despite her long torso creating the illusion of height, Emmie has disclosed that she is actually 5’3”.

In one of her videos, she clarified that the rest of her body doesn’t share the same elongation as her middle part. The influencer emphasized her appreciation for and acceptance of all aspects of her body, stating, “I have a long torso, and I embrace it, and I love it. But I have short legs and a short stack; I also love that too.”

She divided the internet.

© emmielovescows / TikTok© emmielovescows / TikTok

Despite being a strong advocate for body positivity, the stunning influencer faced criticism from some online users. One person questioned, “Have you seen a doctor?” while another went as far as comparing her to a species of aliens.

Nevertheless, her fans quickly came to her defense, emphasizing that being different is entirely normal and that our beauty is found in our uniqueness. One supportive commentator lovingly expressed, “Every body is different, and nothing wrong with that (you own it girl!! Respect).”

Absolutely, Emmie is indeed stunning, and her positive message of self-love is admirable. Iskra Lawrence is another young woman who has chosen to celebrate her fabulous body, even though she hasn’t always seen it that way.

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