A person without any children of his own paid off the lunch debts for all the students in nine schools in Florida.


Andrew found out that many kids in his town were unable to get a full meal because of their school lunch debt. He was so upset about this that he decided to pay off the debt for all the children in nine schools, which amounted to $944.

Andrew Levy, a real estate agent from Florida, recently found out that nine schools in the town of Jupiter have a big lunch debt.

He chose to pay back all of them.

The amount of debt owed by the nine public schools in Jupiter is $944. Andrew felt strongly that no children should have to go to school without proper food, so he paid off all of the school lunch debts in the whole town.


Students who owe money for their school lunches don’t get a full meal, just a cheese sandwich. That’s not enough food, and Andrew felt sad when he heard about it.

The man told CBS-4 that food shouldn’t be a concern. He said it was wrong that some children had to go to school without eating or had to eat only cheese sandwiches.

The man doesn’t have any kids and doesn’t really have a relationship with the schools.

He has only lived in Jupiter since 2014, but he has come to love it. When he saw the amount of debt, he felt like he had to do something. He paid $944.34 and all of the lunch debt for the children in Jupiter was paid off – no one has to go hungry anymore!

He said he thought to himself, “If I can make that change for a small amount of money, I’m going to do it.” Then he went in and said he wanted to pay off the lunch debt.

The man refers to it as a “kind gesture,” nothing else.

He didn’t realize that his kind gesture would become known around the world and motivate many other people to lend a hand.

His Facebook-profile was filled with comments from people in the community and strangers from far away, asking how they could help. The man was surprised by the attention his inspiring deed received from news outlets, including UK and Vietnamese outlets.

I’ve had some clients in the last two days who have said they want to help and give too.

Every three months, I will make a GoFundMe or other fundraising page to raise money so that kids don’t have to worry about getting a hot meal, and parents don’t have to worry about paying for it.

Andrew stayed true to his word.

He started a GoFundMe called ‘A Child Can’t Learn Hungry’ that has already reached its goal of $2,500 to pay students’ lunch debt. His hope is that no child in Jupiter or Florida will ever have to worry about getting enough food at school.

In August, I was surprised to hear that some students in the Jupiter School District weren’t able to get a hot lunch due to lunch debt. I couldn’t believe that it was preventing some kids from even eating! I was fortunate enough to never worry about food while I was in school, so I decided to pay off the debt.

He posted on the GoFundMe page that now is the time to take action and make sure no child goes hungry or has to feel embarrassed in school by not having a hot lunch.

My goal is to make sure that no student at Jupiter School ever goes hungry, and parents don’t have to be concerned about lunch debt. Maybe someday I can help make sure that no one in the state of Florida needs to be worried about lunch debt.

Wow, that’s so kind of you!

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