A person created false pictures with Artificial Intelligence to make it appear as if they had experienced an entire month.


Kyle Vorbach, who stated that he is a writer and director, figured out that if he trained an AI image generator called Stable Diffusion, he could make real-looking pictures of things that never happened. So he did, and made up an entire month of his life.

Vorbach wanted a new profile picture in October and although he had already been able to use Stable Diffusion to make realistic images of his dog, he thought he would try it with his own face. He made an expertly edited video to tell the story.

Usually AI-generated faces of people are hard to believe because they look weird. After playing with the program and finding out that creating a face like a celebrity, like Ryan Gosling, would look better, he made an amazing photo of himself.

Vorbach says this was easily the best photo he ever took, and he didn’t even have to leave his bedroom.

After achieving success, he chose to take it even further.

I made my own Halloween costume with the help of AI. I also made up a fake trip to New York, where I met my AI-generated friend. Everyone around me thought the pictures of my trip were real. Things started to get strange after that.

As he used the program more, he realized the photos it made weren’t as exciting as the real thing.

I tricked everyone I knew, but my pictures weren’t getting as many likes as before. I figured out that if people don’t know my posts are fake, they just seem boring, according to Orbach.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I could create a whole new life for myself. I’d move back to Los Angeles and rent a beautiful apartment. I’d get a nice car and make a successful career. Maybe even run into a celebrity. It’d be a great life!

Vorbach showed that he could create an entirely false life on the internet that was surprisingly believable.

When I began this project, I thought it would be enjoyable. However, it has turned into a lot of hard work going through thousands of pictures at a time and constantly looking at a computer’s interpretation of my face until I don’t even know what I look like anymore,” he said.

Every time I got a like on one of the pictures I put up, it felt like I was getting endorphins, like someone liked a picture of me. I wasn’t sure where I ended and Ryan Gosling began.

Vorbach’s experiment showed that it is possible to train AI to act just like a real person. However, the AI will take as long to learn as a person would to actually live a happy life.

AI-generated images are continuing to develop, and there are a lot of unanswered legal and ethical questions around it. Recently, these computer programs were only able to create disturbing pictures of people, and now they can accurately mimic a real person’s life. It’s uncertain what they will be able to do in the future.

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