A passerby captures a homeless guy celebrating the birthdays of his pets, and it transforms his life.


The homeless guy was unaware that somebody was looking at him.

Humans will go to any lengths for their close ones, which is why this guy made headlines. The action of this tale occurs on a sidewalk of Colombia’s Bucaramanga. It tells the story of a guy who, although having almost nothing, contributed a great deal.

This guy Choko José Luis Matos, is homeless and frequently hangs out with his two doggy friends.

Choko gained notoriety when a passerby captured a cute scenario, including him and his two dog friends. It was not a pleasant or homey atmosphere on the sidewalks, but it was everything Choko had. Nevertheless, he had a cause to grin.

He put birthday party hats on his puppies’ heads and sang the ‘Happy birthday song to one of the two dogs. And finished with grins and applause.

Shaggy and Nena are the names of their two friends. It’s Shaggy’s birthday, and he enjoys the celebration Choko organized. Admittedly, who could really refuse a birthday celebration?

He also didn’t overlook the cake as well as the decorations.

Shaggy’s birthday cake is sliced by Choko after the song is finished. What else completes a birthday celebration like some delicious cake?

It should be noted that Choko paid for the cakes and the caps.

.Anyway, what’s the reason for doing all this? Because they are his family now. The only ones Choko has now as he’s living on the streets?

Upon fleeing his terrible family, he ended up on the streets. He had nowhere to go, so he decided to live on the streets rather than return to his abusive family. Shaggy and Nena have been with him for a long time.

He was celebrating a birthday from the little cash he possessed. A passerby recorded and posted the priceless event on the internet.

And such a tale will undoubtedly become viral.

Choko’s clip became popular before he even realized it. Many more individuals became aware of him because of the hundreds of Social media reactions.

Matters were about to improve from this point forward. The blogosphere loved this wonderful guy once people learned of his generosity and unwavering devotion to his pets.

As soon as the footage was released, crowds of people gathered there. The guy who gave up his supper to bring happiness to his friend’s dog had to be seen, and they wanted to see him. How often do individuals have dogs that they adore this much?

People contacted Choko and gave h money as a result of feedback from the guy who videotaped the event.

Choko was undoubtedly surprised by this. Several days prior, he had just thrown his dog a birthday. And now, who are these random folks who have just appeared?

He was just not going to get upset, though. Admittedly, he needed cash and a place to live. Choko even received a cellphone as a present, which he made excellent use of.

Choko already has an Instagram profile wherein he posts pictures of himself with Shaggy, Nena, and other aspects of his past.

Choko can now experience stuff that many of us accept as expected because of the funds given to him by the kind-hearted people.

In addition to applying for an Identity, he has a house to live in.

He will never forget how Shaggy and Nena supported him throughout it all, regardless of how much simpler life becomes for him.

View Choko’s life-altering event here. Share this story as well, if you would!

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