A nice butcher puts leftover food outside the store for stray dogs.


It’s impressive to observe how thoughtful these stray dogs can be!

A heartwarming video shows stray dogs enjoying leftovers from a butcher shop, bringing joy to animal enthusiasts. The video depicts a pile of uncooked chicken bones placed outside on the sidewalk in a cardboard box. The dogs approach the box one by one, taking a bone each. What stands out is the surprising courtesy displayed by each dog, as they only take one piece at a time.

An older Golden Retriever approaches the box with care, picks up a bone, and then moves away. When one of the dogs comes near, it seems careful and crouches down. Another dog happily wags its tail, as if unable to believe its good luck.

Numerous individuals remarked on the politeness and good behavior of the stray dogs.

Some people expressed concerns about giving bones to dogs, but others promptly noted that the risk is higher with cooked bones, as they can splinter and cause internal injuries. The bones provided by the generous Good Samaritan are raw, reducing the potential danger.

Some inquired whether the video was filmed in Turkey. A Redditor confirmed that the video is indeed from Turkey, recognizing the emblem on the cardboard box as belonging to a Turkish company.

The unnamed Turkish butcher isn’t the sole individual with a compassionate heart. Ikram Korkmazer, also living in Turkey, clearly has a love for animals. Cats and dogs often visit his establishment to get food. His videos gained popularity, especially after one featuring a cat leaning on the butcher counter to request a treat garnered over a million views.

Korkmazer also has numerous dogs eagerly waiting for food on the pavement outside his shop, sometimes even two or three at a time.

In the next video, one dog excitedly wags its tail in anticipation of a meal, suggesting that this butcher has established regular customers among the dogs.

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