A mother justifies using a leash to keep her child secure.


The mother claims it was for protection. How do you feel about it?

Parents frequently discuss the best practices for protecting their kids. They will not hesitate to do anything to protect their babies from injury or any harm. Things like child safety seats in cars and outlet coverings in houses are examples of them. However, one mother’s weight to support safety has been the subject of much controversy.

Discussions were sparked by Desiree Hoye’s image and remark.

Desiree Hoye has drawn attention after sharing pictures and testimonies with her kid on a backpack leash. She admits at the beginning of her narrative that there was indeed a period when she would have said:

“I wouldn’t ever put a leash on my kid, he’s not some kind of animal or something.”

But after becoming a mom, things change. Protecting our kids is necessary.

As time passed, Hoye became aware of a tendency emerging in social media. She frequently heard about catastrophes involving toddlers and thought they may have been prevented if the kids were near their guardians. She claimed that more than 2,000 kids get lost daily due to kidnappings that can occur in a few seconds or mishaps related to animal habitats.

Desiree Hoye rejects critics of her decision.

Hoye wonders if critics can genuinely hold her guilty for desiring an additional level of protection for her baby in light of these concerns. She cites reasons to have her toddler on a leash, including the likelihood that smaller kids may roam independently.

What factors make grownups dislike leashes?

“I heard a remark in the morning that said, “Watch how she has her child on a leash. So awful’, she said.”

Many critics have doubts about whether kid safety straps are genuinely effective. There’s no concrete proof that using leashes properly has hurt kids physically. However, there is also no concrete proof that leashes protect children from harm’s way, putting it up to individual preference. Critics worry about the emotional effects, mainly when small kids see suspicious looks or equate leashes with animals.

Desiree Hoye opts for security.

Moms like Hoye believe leashes are helpful as they provide more security. They choose to go the additional mile to safeguard their babies regardless of furious looks or cruel remarks from critics.

“I always chose security as I value my babies more than anything I own in my life. I would rather risk receiving a few funny stares than never see his adorable face again,” she said.

Considerations to make before actually utilizing leashes.

However, you must decide whether to use a kid leash or not. However, there are some considerations to remember if you’re considering getting a kid leash.

  • Select leashes in the backpack design. Child participation is necessary for wrist or hand-holds leashes, which might cause issues.
  • Be sure to thoroughly follow the directions. Utilizing a leash backpack properly reduces the chance of harm.
  • Confirm that the leash is an ideal match. Neither should it be loose or even tighter to the kid.
  • Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for warning statements. Get evaluations from other families who use leashes as well.

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