A mother decides to deliver her baby in the ocean.


Everyone appreciates independence hence our protagonist of the story did make herself into a free pregnancy resulting in a free birth. It was lovely that she underwent no examinations or testing when she was expecting.

Usually, pregnant mothers walk searching for medical assistance while giving birth to a child.

And during the delivery, some choose to relax in their day-to-day dwellings. It may be in a baby pool or on their usual bed. The practice helps them overcome labour pain in their familiar and comfortable setting.

Delivering a baby sort of tests a woman on their willpower. Thus it puts them through the limits that no one can understand until they have gone through them.

The process of giving birth and having a kid is absolutely remarkable. Beginning with the agonizing labour pains, the process winds up with an uncontrollable delight once the baby is eventually delivered.

Ok, let’s get into the word “Free Birth”. Josy Peukert, a mother of three, and her boyfriend Benni Cornelius, 42, felt that giving birth to their fourth child at a place other than the hospital was preferable.

She didn’t even go to any of her scheduled medical visits or have any tests performed.

Her idea for a free birth came following her first three births. She had her first baby delivered at a clinic, which was a terrible experience. The two other births took place at her home. However, the midwife helping her for delivery just felt too much. These paved the way for her to have a free birth.

The baby’s due date was also unknown. The only fact she was dependent on was trusting her own body.

Peukert, 37, a native of Germany who now resides in Nicaragua, came to a decision. It was to give birth to her fourth child outside in the calmest location she could imagine and also would be ideal for her.

Eventually, she ended up picking The Mighty Pacific Ocean for her delivery.

As a result, Peukert gave birth to her son Bodhi Amor Ocean Cornelius. It was February, and she was enjoying life in the shallow waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The couple Peukert and Cornelius had a Birthing kit that included paper towels, towels, gauze, and a basin with a filter for collecting the placenta.

She was never regretting her idea. She had this concept in her brain that she chose to give childbirth in the water, and since the circumstances were ideal that day, she just did that. The waves and contractions had the same rhythm, and the easy flow felt great, said Peukert.

Peukert experienced absolute elation as the newborn boy was born in what is known as a “free birth.”

She explained some that happened after the baby was born; She returned to the beach to clean up once Bodhi was delivered and covered in towels. She changed after that, and the 3 of them went home and unpacked everything before jumping right into bed.

Cornelius recorded the instant after Baby Bodhi was born. He then posted it on social media, where Peukert’s story quickly gained popularity.

While Josy can be seen experiencing contractions, she claimed that the pattern of the soothing waters was beneficial.

The mother drove home with the infant and checked him thoroughly, leaving her other three kids at a mate’s place.

She further added her experience with the newborns. She had no anxieties or concerns about bringing a new child into their family; it was just herself, her spouse, and the waves. It was lovely. She believes there is only life between heaven and earth, as the gentle volcanic sand under her serves as a reminder.

It seems like Peukert had really enjoyed her time. Yet soon discovered that she was being criticized on social media by individuals who couldn’t comprehend what she had done.

The main worry was that giving birth in cold water was not hygienic and would shock the baby far too much.

Many have a question about how hygienic is the act? The sea is filled with microbes.

But Peukert justified her decision, saying that Baby Bodhi was delivered in the middle of the day when it was 35°C or 95°F.

Initially, they had no concerns about the temperature or water-borne diseases. The boy was born safely, and Peukert had all the research done for a healthy delivery. It is medically proven that water acts as a barrier. IShe wanted to feel entirely connected to this baby—to both of them—through her own self-directed care. Pregnancy was one of the most significant gifts they have ever received. Said the couple.

According to Parents.com, non-hospital deliveries increased by 77 per cent between 2004 and 2017 despite the additional risk they were said to carry.

According to CEO Kim Thomas, the Birth Trauma Association promotes women having natural deliveries without medical assistance.

Nevertheless, giving birth without needing a midwife or doctor around puts the mother and the child’s lives at threat.

Giving delivery without assistance may, according to consultant obstetrician and vice president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) Pat O’Brien,

“leave mom or baby in danger because if issues arise, rapid treatment from a trained midwife or gynaecologist may be crucial.”

According to him, difficulties might result in the mother bleeding severely or the newborn needing oxygen after delivery.

A wide range of comments has been made regarding what was posted on social media for one woman’s personal childbirth story.

So what are your ideas about this mother’s decision to deliver? Please comment on your valuable opinion.

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