A mother breastfeeds her baby at her own wedding while saying ‘yes’ to her now-husband. “It was something extraordinary”


The marriage, the ceremony, the vows, the celebration, and everything that involves marrying your soul mate is, for many, the most special moment of their lives.

Currently, no rule says at what age to get married, and it is not an obligation either. Only those who feel that level of commitment and love are the ones who venture to share officially and legally (so to speak) the rest of their lives.

Older people, people of the same sex, and mothers with their children in their arms, every day it is more frequently see all kinds of situations at weddings.

Although the wedding is the perfect place to enjoy, for those who are parents, that does not mean that they cannot do it, nor does it make it less critical. Many of them include their children in the ceremony.

Renata Souza & Hugo Moreira

Vitor Craveiro and Bárbara Ceresa got married on the paradisiacal beach of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Family and friends traveled from Brazil to their destination. For them, it was the perfect day, even more so when they could spend it with their little Felippo.

The ceremony was about to end when suddenly Barbara began to hear Felippo complain. The child was under the care of his grandmother, but apparently, he missed his mother’s presence. Without thinking twice, she withdrew from the altar and went for him to carry him in her arms and feed him while her husband said her vows.

The atmosphere of the wedding became extremely special, no one understood what was happening, but they could see in the eyes of the couple that it would be something that would mark them forever. Calming her baby while Vitor declared her love to Barbara and she said “yes, I want to” ended up being the most beautiful conclusion that two newlyweds could have.

Renata Souza & Hugo Moreira

“Any mother does not like to see her child cry, and the chest always calms,” Barbara told Metropoles .

The moment was recorded in photographs and the memory of all the guests. Every detail of the images shows the immense love and commitment of Barbara’s mother and the tranquility of the baby when being with her.

Instagram @vc.millionaire

They were all very touched by the gesture and the significance their wedding would have in their son’s future memories.

“It was very special. It will be very nice later, when he is older, to see that his mother nursed him during his vows. I think this seals this love even more,” said the newlywed.

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