A mom bravely refused to cover up while feeding her baby and had the perfect response to those who didn’t like it.


Breastfeeding, something that has been done for ages and is completely natural, has unfortunately become a cause of discomfort and judgment for many moms when done in public. Ashley Kaidel, a strong supporter of mothers’ rights, decided to challenge this social stigma after facing disapproval for breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant. It’s been eight years since she shared her experience on social media, and her message has struck a chord, leading to important conversations about the importance of supporting and empowering breastfeeding moms in public places.

Meet Ashley Kaidel.

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Ashley Kaidel, a mom from Florida, USA, has two kids. She had a tough time breastfeeding her first child because her daughter struggled with latching properly, thanks to a condition called lip tie, where tissue connects the lip to the gums, making it difficult to latch on properly.

For her second child, Ashley Kaidel worked hard to make breastfeeding happen despite him also having a lip tie. It took until he was 10 weeks old to correct the issue, and then an extra three weeks of dedicated effort before she could successfully establish breastfeeding. Along the way, she also had to deal with severe nipple trauma and mastitis during this second pregnancy.

Kaidel recalls the immense effort she and her son had to put in to make breastfeeding work and strengthen their bond. Now, she feels grateful and fortunate to be able to provide her baby with the perfect mix of love, security, comfort, and nutrition, all directly from his mother.

Breaking the stigma

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When Ashley Kaidel posted a photo of herself breastfeeding in a restaurant, it wasn’t to push all moms to breastfeed without covering up. Instead, she wanted to confront the stigma around it. In her Facebook post, she spoke out against the judgmental looks, mean comments, and unfair treatment that breastfeeding moms often encounter. Stressing that breastfeeding is legally protected, Kaidel asserted the right of mothers to breastfeed anywhere, in any way, and under any circumstances. She made it clear, saying, “You should not ever feel shamed, belittled, embarrassed, or wrong for feeding your baby.”

Supporting choices

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Ashley Kaidel made it clear that her advocacy is not about telling moms how to breastfeed but supporting their choices. She emphasized that if a mother prefers to cover herself while breastfeeding, that choice should be respected. The main message is to create an environment where every mother feels accepted and supported, no matter how she chooses to breastfeed.

Equality and normalizing breastfeeding

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Kaidel highlighted the unfairness of singling out breastfeeding mothers and emphasized that there’s no distinction between feeding a baby with a breast or a bottle. Her goal was to make breastfeeding a normal and accepted part of life, eliminating the discomfort that often comes with it. She urged people to simply look away if they found it unpleasant, rather than isolating and shaming mothers for nourishing their babies.

Educating future generations

An important part of Kaidel’s message is her focus on educating children about breastfeeding. She believes that kids should see breastfeeding to understand and appreciate the natural process. By teaching the next generation about the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding, Kaidel aimed to build a supportive environment where mothers feel understood and encouraged instead of being judged.

Encouraging a supportive community

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In summary, Kaidel made it clear that her goal wasn’t seeking attention but rather encouraging mothers and promoting an inclusive environment. With over 118,000 shares of her post, it’s clear that her message resonated with many. By sharing her experience and viewpoint, she has become a voice for numerous mothers who have encountered judgment and discrimination while breastfeeding in public. Her movement goes beyond breastfeeding; it’s about building a community that accepts, supports, and empowers mothers on their journey of nurturing their children.

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