A mission by a swarm of bees to retrieve their stolen treasure.


Justice felt the sweetest than ever to all its extents. You are about to read how a swarm of bees fought for their justice.


It was an ordinary day on colony business. On a fly out around the colony, the highly-acute antennae of bees captured a typical scent that felt familiar. The start of that aroma was none other than the fruit of their days of struggle.

That was absolutely honey, but stolen honey.

It appears that somebody had stuffed the delicious sugary mixture in a bottle, and made it tightly closed with a lid. Maybe, that person would have thought that a lid would prevent them from entering the bottle to reclaim what was rightfully belonging to the bees.

But that somebody was false about his thoughts.

United as a team the bees started working on reclaiming what was stolen from them. Luckily they did manage to succeed in their mission.

Obviously, the bees who did work on getting their honey back rather would have not been a part of the domestic hive where the honey was produced. If it’s the case, the chances of them running low on the stuff back home are much more blind.

A hive to remain healthy and thriving it is important to only harvest the surplus, honey. Yet it is a habit of an ethical beekeeper. This enables the hard-working little creatures to enjoy the result of their tiring work too.

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