A marine who gave up a 5K marathon just for the question, ” Will you run with me?”.


Have you ever heard the quote,” Sometimes, you don’t have to win to be a winner”? The story you are about to read is a great example of that.

The incident took place 8 years ago. Lance Corporal Myles Kerr, a marine was all set to participate in a 5K marathon. The run was to be commenced at the Venetian Festival in Charlevoix.

With boots on, he carried a rucksack. He made all preparations for the event.

Kerr had a great kickstart. With that everyone expected him to finish the race in the first place. Yet only the time kept running, but the marine didn’t show up for a long.

The unexpected delay of the young, healthy and strong marine wasn’t an ordinary situation. This made his teammates worry about him.

Everyone’s mind went through the idea that something bad had happened to him. An injured or maybe a collapse might have stopped him

With impatience overloaded, the marines’ teammates started running back to the course to inspect Kerr. But they had no chance to start. Kerr entered the scene at once, but with someone along with him.

The someone is a little boy. The marine has halted back on his way to assist a little boy.

On his run, Kerr did notice a boy running alone. The boy was just walking while the marine ran by him. At the instance, Kerr who looked back asked if he was alright? And there the little guy asked, “Will you run with me?”; Kerr recalled.

The 9-year-old boy had missed his group. He was sad to be fallen behind. With no hope, the boy just started to walk. Fortunately, at the right moment the kind marine, Kerr came to the rescue.

The little boy was Boden Fuchs. He dis needed a running partner. With a clear chance to get the first place, Kerr sacrificed his glory to join the little boy, to help him.

Marines always do work in favor of the people in need. Luckily the boy did meet his aid at a most needed instance. Kerr started to accompany little Fuchs while motivating him throughout the run.

On a lot of points, Fuchs intended to quit the race. Yet Kerr kept him interested in finishing to keep him alive in the race. The encouragement from the good marine made the little boy try out his best.

Throughout the run, Kerr didn’t leave Fuchs. They both ran together until they finished the race after 35-minutes from the start. The support made the little boy step to the finishing line.

The following night someone posted a photo of Kerr and Fuchs on Facebook. With the photo, a narration carried out details on what a kind-hearted person was Kerr to run along with the child until the end.

“By his unwavering devotion to assist those in necessity through his capability to motivate others by his unequivocal level of motivation, Lcpl Kerr imaged great glory upon himself and was keeping in the highest practices of the United States Marine Corps.”

Once the photo became viral Kerr said to ABC News he just thought it was cool someone actually got a photo of him running with the boy . Kerr’s recruiter ended up posting it and that’s when the incident took off.

Fuchs family did gift the marine with a $100 restaurant gift card as a mode of thanks. Kerr promised to use it before returning to California.

Although, Kerr doesn’t consider himself a hero by any means.

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“As a Marine, we try to reach out and help as much as we can,” said Kerr interview. “I don’t assume I’m a hero. I was just attempting to support.” What a humble soul!

In Kerr’s point of view it’s his responsibility but for Fucus all of us, he is a real-life idol.

The kind-hearted marine didn’t finish the race in the first place but did remain in the first place in million hearts.

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