A man who worked with a rented bicycle was surprised with a great gift from police officers.


If we stop for a moment to observe and learn about the people who have lost their jobs due to the global economic crisis and even more so due to the current pandemic, we would realize that there are many more than we imagine. People who have had to reinvent themselves to survive.

But luckily, there are still people willing to help those who need it most with whatever is available to them, just like this pair of generous Brazilian police officers who gave a helping hand to a humble worker. Barbosa and Rodrigo, belonging to the 1st company of the 11th Jundiaí Battalion, were the officers who decided to support a worker after learning his moving story.

When going through an operation by both police officers, the man confessed that the bicycle he was riding was not his property. It was rented for $4 a week to make home deliveries of the food that his wife prepares. The 39-year-old man had lost his job due to covid-19, so they have now had to reinvent themselves to cover his expenses. Barbosa and Rodrigo were moved by the man’s situation and wanted to give him a gift that would change his life From him.

The police officers gave him his bicycle, on December 25, with a decorative bow and great affection. The humble moved man could not avoid tears; it was something completely unexpected but so necessary for him. The gesture has gone viral on social networks, leaving thousands of meaningful messages for this pair of exemplary police officers.

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