A man who had been observing a dad and a child in a wheelchair suddenly appeared at their doorstep.


He offered them something unbelievable.?

We all know that it’s important to not take things for granted, but some people don’t understand how even the small things are valuable.

At times, we are reminded of how fortunate we have been.

Having access to something is a great advantage.

A girl in North Carolina needs help to get into her own home.

Someone was kind and offered to help her.

A teenager from High Point recently got a very helpful gift from a nice man who was passing by.

Anthony Belton, the girl’s father, said that when she gets off the bus, she has a disappointed look on her face, as if she is thinking “here we go again, time to climb these stairs”.

Anthony and Almay have a special routine that they do together.

When she comes home from school, he meets her outside to help her get inside.

Almay is in a wheelchair and can’t use the stairs to get into the house on her own.

It’s a big hassle.

The girl does not enjoy needing assistance.

Anthony Belton said the situation was difficult for him and for her. She had to keep going up and down the stairs, bumping and dropping things. He had to cope with his back, which was getting worse as he got older.

She, just like any other teenager, desires to be independent.

The stairs at Almay’s house were hard to manage until a kind stranger noticed her getting off the bus and offered to help.

A man came to the door one day.

Joe Hill said that his name was Joe Hill.

Hill parked his big truck outside and came to talk to the family, even though they didn’t know who he was.

Hill, who owns Premier Waterproofing, was doing a job in the area when he noticed the state of the bus stop.

He understood he could be of assistance when he saw what was going on.

Anthony Belton said that when someone asked him if he would mind if they built him a ramp for free, he looked at them funny and said, “There has to be a catch to it – nothing is for free! Haha.”

Amazingly, Hill wasn’t just kidding. The following Monday he came to the house with a team and started constructing a ramp for the family.

When he was done, he kept his promise and didn’t ask for any money.

Belton was shocked.

People don’t act that way in reality.

He was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but the sight of his daughter walking up to the house alone was very moving.

Anthony Belton said that nothing can make his dad happier than seeing his kids smile, especially when they find something that they will enjoy.

Hill gave a brief and pleasant answer.

Hill said that he noticed a need and knew he could help with it, so he took action.

It looks like there is still some magic at Christmas during these difficult times, right?

Check out this video to see how a stranger used his talents to assist a girl who was in need!

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