A man rescued an octopus and the octopus thanked him!


I’ve always heard that octopuses are incredibly smart and can experience emotions, but I never thought they could do something like this!

It is well known that octopuses are extremely smart.

Search Google or YouTube to see amazing moments from octopuses—animals with eight arms, bulb-shaped heads, and the ability to squirt ink.

They can do things that seem as smart as humans and they seem to be really good at solving problems.

In some cases, an octopus has been able to get out of a plastic jar by opening it from the inside.

Many people struggle to get out of a difficult situation.

The little person knows how to unscrew the lid and I don’t think I’d be able to do that.

I hope I never have to get out of an underwater jar.

If I find myself in one of those situations, it would be strange, right?

Can an octopus tell if someone is helping it?

It looks like it would work!

This amazing video shows an intelligent and thankful octopus receiving help when it needs it most.

When the tide went away, this cute kid was left without any water around them.

I was in the same kind of trouble as if I were stuck in an underwater jar, and this smart person was also in a difficult situation without the water they need to survive.

That’s okay, these things happen.

You and I have been in difficult situations before.

One helpful beach goer came to help!

Scooping our scuttling little friend up in a plastic container, he carries him back down to the water and gently releases him once again.

He is such a helpful person!

It’s hard to tell if the octopus, who looks unwell and is covered in sand, is actually an octopus or just a lonely brain stranded on the beach.

It doesn’t matter how many arms you have; it’s how you use them that matters.

When he goes into the water, it takes a little while for our friend with tentacles to wake up.

He must have felt really bad being stuck in the sand, and it took him a few minutes to start moving again.

Pay attention to his color too, as he looks very pale and drained.

Can you picture what it would be like to be this person with tentacles and not be able to do anything about it?

No luck even though there were a lot of parts.

He starts to become alive again, and his coloring starts to come back, creating an amazing pattern.

Wow! That octopus looks great! It is slowly moving inch by inch while stretching out its arms.

We need to increase the circulation of our blood.

The ocean can be dangerous.

The octopus is doing better and better! But it won’t just leave without saying thank you first.

It moves slowly back to the home of the person who helps it.

They show their gratitude by extending a tentacle!

The octopus touched the swimming shoe with one of its tentacles, as if it were an old friend patting their buddy’s shoulder.

Remember to say thank you. It is the polite thing to do.

I’m making it clear.

Our eight-legged friend is colorful again and has an amazing camouflage pattern.

He escaped captivity and is showing how wonderful he is.

It’s amazing how complicated these weird and fascinating creatures can be.

They look like adorable extraterrestrials in our oceans!

This little dude has good manners!

Have you ever seen anything so cute from someone who had been in the ocean?

I definitely haven’t.

This shows that the small octopus not only understands that someone was kind to it, but it also takes the time to thank them.

That is definitely a sign of intelligence.

Next time you go for a swim, if you see any sea creatures that need help, lend them a hand.

It’s impossible to predict.

Check out the video below to see a really sweet moment in the water!

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