A man jumps into the frozen waters to save a trapped puppy.


Can a man jump into frozen water to save a dog? The answer to this question is obviously yes. There is no obstacle that an animal lover cannot overcome to help a defenseless being about to drown under the polar ice.

The frozen waters of Ellicott Island Parkcon witnessed a heroic act to save a puppy frozen waters.

A small puppy was out of sight of his beloved caretaker near the icy waters of Ellicott Island Park.

It is a gigantic natural sanctuary in Buffalo, United States, bathed by the Tonawanda Creek River, a tributary of the mighty Niagara.

The place can reach temperatures below zero degrees Celsius during the winter months. At this time of year, the water reaches a freezing point.

The man was visibly desperate. He didn’t know what had happened to Jackson, his best friend. He couldn’t imagine how he managed to suddenly disappear like that, in the middle of the walk, without a trace.

In anguish, she approached 50-year-old Donald Chatten, walking nonchalantly with his two dogs, Duke and Milo. With teary eyes, he asked her if he had seen her beloved black terrier puppy.

“ Dude, I’m worried about my dog ​​Jackson. He is a black Terrier that disappeared . Perhaps you have seen it ,” the troubled man said to Donald.

Without thinking twice and knowing the horror of losing a pet, Donald set out to help. He immediately released Duke and Milo, and the three set about combing the area.

Finally, they realized that little Jackson was in the distance, in the middle of the frozen waters of the Tonawanda Creek River.

He was crying out for help, about to freeze to death. She had slipped and fallen there by mere accident.

Donald grabbed his cell phone and quickly called the national emergency number. He asked the rescuers for help, but his heart beat harder when he saw that the puppy would not last long.

Had they waited for the volunteers, perhaps the story would have had a tragic ending for Jackson and his caretaker?

Therefore, in a display of bravery and courage, Donald jumped into the waters to help the puppy, even at the risk of his own life.

It entered like a keel breaking through the cold waters of the river. An expert swimmer with an agile movement managed to grab the furry one, who was struggling to stay. His experience told him that the tide in that place was not that high. He was a regular visitor to that bucolic place.

“ I knew that I was the only possibility for this little dog. I felt a great adrenaline rush because I know what it means to lose a pet. The waters were shallow, which helped me the most to get to him,” Donald stated.

However, his enormous display of courage has not been left in doubt, becoming an example of limitless empathy to imitate.

Fortunately for Jackson and his human dad, the pup was rescued by a hero enjoying the scenery at the right time and place.

The scene, which seems to come out of an action movie, could be captured in impressive images by Samantha Eve, who witnessed such an act of heroism.

The photos were posted on the Friends of Ellicott Island Bark Park Facebook group.

For his part, the person in charge of Jackson is happy and grateful to Donald. He took his beloved dog for a medical evaluation. Luckily, the vets found him to be in good health. He’s a little scared, but it all ended for the best.

Donald, Duke, and Milo will never forget the day that, thanks to them, we returned to have faith in humanity.

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