A man found a tiny egg in a pet store and decided to take it with him. His reward was a beautiful parrot.


We are all familiar with the fragility of an egg. We know that a small blow can break the shell and the bird that is inside will have a tragic end. However, there are people who have delicate hands and can turn a tiny and fragile egg into a beautiful bird.

Alwyn Wils is a YouTuber who hatches bird eggs, raises them, and/or rescues them. Since he was a child, he liked to help animals in distress. He lives in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and tells the world how he helps birds in need through videos he shares on his A Chick Called Albert YouTube channel, where he shows the entire process of rehabilitating these cute feathered animals.

This time, the man found a tiny egg on the floor of a cage at a pet store. That creature would have been doomed to a fatal fate if not for Alwyn, who immediately decided to take that egg home and try to hatch it.

In that cage, there were a couple of parakeets and according to the manager, the female had been bought recently, only the male was left there, and the egg seemed abandoned on the floor of the cage.

The chances of the animal surviving were slim to none, so Alwyn asked to take the egg home to save it, and the store agreed.

According to Alwyn, parakeets are the smallest parrot species; therefore, a parakeet’s egg is incredibly small. The one he took home to fit in a matchbox.

The man put the box in an incubator and waited.

After two days, Alwyn held the egg up to the light to check if something was going on inside, but it seemed that no life was developing. However, the man did not give up and continued to wait.

On the fourth day, a heartbeat could be seen.

Watching that little movement was something truly beautiful and emotional. The next step was to wait for the parakeet to continue developing. Alwyn explained that all eggs need to be turned three times a day; this simulates the way birds hatch.

After 19 days it finally hatched!

Alwyn heard noises in the incubator and went to check: the parakeet was trying to get out of the egg and began to chirp. Apparently, this little one is a very noisy one because all the time he is emitting sounds. Also, the bird was having trouble shedding its umbilical cord and fully separating from the shell, so the man had to give it a little help.

With the newly hatched chick, Alwyn now had to spend more time watching over it.

He learned how and what to feed his parakeet so that it would grow healthy and strong, although putting it into practice would not be so easy. He prepared a mixture, put it on a spoon, brought it close to the parrot’s beak, and waited for it to swallow some of its own.

The parakeet had to be fed 8 times a day.

Alwyn devotedly cared for the parakeet. He fed him, warmed him, and took care of him at all times; they even became friends. Soon the bird’s feathers began to come out and it was only a matter of time before he learned to fly.

One day, the parakeet spread its wings and took flight. He was already ready for life.

Meanwhile, Alwyn kept thinking about the father of that parakeet, who had stayed in the pet store.

The man called the store to ask about that parrot and luckily they told him it was still there; so Alwyn didn’t think twice and headed there to buy it and take it home with his son, thus achieving a small family reunion.

The encounter between both parakeets was beautiful.

Alwyn thinks that this pair may have recognized each other and they know they are father and son, though he doesn’t know for sure; but he likes to believe that there was a connection between the two parakeets and they are very happy to be together.

The entire experience was recorded in a video that Alwyn shared and that you can see below:

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