Kindness is one of the greatest virtues that a human being can possess. We come across different kinds of acts of kindness throughout our life. The incident that we are going to talk about is such an act of kindness where a man rescues an egg of a bird and takes care of it till it hatches.

Forget about birds, I think most of us know how hard it is to raise an abandoned puppy or a kitten. So just imagine how hard it is for a man to raise a little fragile creature like a Budgie till it could fly on its own. But surprisingly one man did it himself and uploaded it to YouTube for all of us to see. So let’s talk about how all of these took place.

One day when this man was in the pet shop situated in his neighborhood he saw an egg lying in the cage of a Budgie. After that he took a closer look and he immediately found out that it was a male Budgie not a female one. He was wondering how this can happen, so he asked the owner of the pet shop about this and the owner told him that there was a female Budgie but it was sold the day before.

After all this man decided to take care of the egg himself until it hatches. Even though he took the egg home with him, he didn’t know anything about taking care of those eggs. After getting information about hatching eggs he placed the budgie egg in the incubator in order to keep the egg warm.

After incubating the egg for a few days he was able to notice a beating heart inside the egg, and from there onwards the egg started developing faster than he thought. Under this phase he had to rotate the egg thrice a day in order to prevent the developing bird from sticking to one side of the egg shell.

On the 19th day of taking care of this egg, the bird finally started hatching. He was overwhelmed to witness that moment. But he knew even though things seemed to be good so far, this is where the real mission was going to start.

This man had never grown a hatchling before, so it was a totally new experience. The new born bird was incredibly small and fragile, therefore his lack of experience made feeding the little bird very challenging. But anyhow he got used to it and he kept feeding the bird 8 times a day.

Day by day this little hatchling kept growing and started to look more like a Parakeet. As the baby parrot kept growing, our guy remembered about the father of this baby Budgie which he left behind at the pet store. He immediately contacted the pet store to see whether its father was still there and fortunately it was there and he immediately went back to the shop and took the father Budgie home.

What I feel is this is the kind of positive energy that we should radiate all over the world, if so the world will for sure become a better place for existence.

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