A man dedicates his life to taking care of old dogs who are homeless.


It can be devastating to lose a pet you adore, and you may feel like you’ll never get over it. It does take time to heal, but once it has, are you ready to welcome another pet into your life?

Steve Grieg experienced that after his dog passed away.

He was still devastated and didn’t feel like he would ever get over this loss even after several months had passed.

He needed the right dog to enter his life before he could let another dog into his heart.

He visited his neighborhood animal shelter in search of their “most unadoptable” senior dog.

He sought out dogs that had been neglected and seemed unlikely to find forever homes of their own.

The outcomes? He now has ten shelter dogs, all of whom are overjoyed that he adopted them all.

He even has a photo-filled Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers who enjoy seeing the daily antics he and his dogs get up to.

He has to get up at five in the morning to make a substantial breakfast for all of his canine children because caring for them is a lot of work.

There is certainly a lot of work involved because they all have special diets that must be accommodated.

After eating, he takes them all on walks to the park, takes them to the veterinarian, and spends the rest of the day giving them the hugs and kisses they deserve.

These senior dogs don’t need to be trained, kenneled, or taught new tricks or obedience, making ownership simple.

They prefer to live slowly, and Steve has no problem with that.

After a long, arduous day, he always sits down with a few dogs attached to his legs as a way of saying “thank you” for caring for them.

All he needs to keep doing what he loves is the knowledge that he makes them happy.

He loves and cares for all animals, not just these dogs.

Bikini the pet pig, two ducks, some pigeons, chickens, and a few cats round out his animal collection.

He wouldn’t have it any other way; his yard is a veritable animal farm.

Although he doesn’t have enough space to accept any more senior dogs, he does plan to grow in the future to ensure that no shelter dog ever again has to experience unloved.

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