A man completes his Ph.D. at age 104 and proves to the world that age is just a number.


The protagonist of this story, Lucio Chiquito Caicedo, was born in the South American country of Colombia. Lucio received his Ph.D. with very high grades at the age of 104. He faced all odds with courage and determination and achieved his goal. What makes Lucio’s story unique is his age. What do you think about your age? Lucio’s tale is uncommon because not everyone has the blessings to live a long or healthy life. Lucio finished his Ph.D. from the University of Manchester after investing over three decades of his life in this challenging endeavor.

However, this was just Lucio’s final achievement. He had already earned a master’s in science and technology and a degree in civil engineering. He is just extraordinary. Lucio spent three decades producing his doctoral thesis, even though he has demonstrated tremendous potential and desire to learn. His determination and desire to know are the inspiration that helped him get to such greatness in his life. Lucio solved a complicated, nearly impossibly difficult formula that has been unanswered for over two centuries. Numerous universities have attempted to understand the formula, but none has succeeded. During his spare time, Lucio used this opportunity to research and think about the formula.

Lucio solved the complex formula and then presented his thesis, eagerly expecting the university’s acceptance. He earned the renowned degree this way, proving to the world that age is not a barrier and that anything is achievable with the correct determination. Although having completed a distinguished degree course, the guy asserts that his wife and children are his most outstanding achievement. According to him, he could not have accomplished his ambitions without his family. What is the trick to maintaining mental acuity throughout aging? There aren’t any specific methods, according to Lucio. However, his propensity for consuming a lot of veggies and taking cold showers could have been advantageous.

Ultimately, Lucio has a wish to make, “Initially, start making the most of the time as it won’t be returned. My warmest greetings go out to anyone who desires to take the arduous academic route. Since it was formerly challenging, it has become simpler thanks to technology and opportunity”.

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