A man asked a homeless father who had a son with him about acts of kindness before giving them $1,000 and a place to stay.


James Moss, a young single dad, felt like he had lost everything. But then, after talking to a stranger about kindness, his outlook changed forever. ?

James Moss, a young dad who is single, believed he had nothing left after he lost everything. He felt he had nothing more to lose.

Thankfully, an angel gave him a different perspective.

He was fortunate to have his son close by, which motivated him to be his best and not lose hope.

James was familiar with how difficult life could be since he was raised in a place where a lot of the things others take for granted weren’t accessible.

That is what helped him raise his son.

He wanted his son to have a better life.

Moss said in a video that recently became popular that he wants his child to have the experiences he didn’t have when he was young.

Moss and his son used to live in New York, but when he was offered a job in Denver, he thought it was a fantastic opportunity to live in the city that is a mile high.

It would not be without problems.

He arranged with a friend to stay at their place for the first few weeks, hoping for the best as a transition period.

Things changed and the situation shifted.

He had no home or car and was trying to do the best he could for himself and his beloved son.

As he walked down the streets of Denver one day, he ran into Leon Logothetis, who is a well-known motivational speaker with #GoBeKind.

He initially believed he was having a casual discussion about kindness with a stranger on the street, but it ended up being an experience that transformed his life.

Moss told Logothetis that he had to be humbled in order to be able to appreciate all the other good things in life.

Logothetis then asked what made James stay strong. He replied by saying that it was a mix of things.

First, it was his son’s turn.

He tried to be the best father for his son and found strength through meditation and prayer.

The man could not stop himself from crying while he was talking about his life and the bad luck he had recently experienced.

Logothetis was up to speak.

They didn’t know each other, but the man gave him very special gifts.

Logothetis gave him one thousand dollars first.

This was for spending on everyday costs.

Moss and his son, who is nearly two years old, can stay in a hotel for the next week. They hope to find a better place in the days that come afterwards.

Moss was very grateful.

About a week after Moss and his son had the encounter, they were living at a shelter. While there, they met a new friend who worked as a barber.

The woman created a GoFundMe page to help them.

They collected more than fifty thousand dollars in donations.

This money can be used to buy a reliable car, pay for childcare, and cover housing costs.

The man was thankful in a new video to those who were moved by his story and gave him help during a difficult time.

Since then, Moss has been trying to return the kindness he was given.

They have an incredible story.

Check out how Moss and Leon met and how this changed Moss and his son’s life for the better!

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