A man adopts a tiny frog found living in his Salad.


Finding an insect in a meal isn’t a pleasant experience at all. People may react in various ways.

Most would freak, sometimes throw up. Think of how you would feel finding a worm or a bug in your fruits or else a cockroach in your meal.

But Simon Curtis from Tulsa, Oklahoma did something unanticipated.

Once Simon bought some romaine lettuce from Whole Foods. He was consuming those greens preparing a salad.

After about two days of consuming the greens, he found a tiny frog at the bottom of the box of lettuce.

At first, he panicked a little, but it wasn’t of shock or disgust. He was amazed to find the frog in his meal so cute.

Next, he posted on Twitter to ask his friends, What to do with the creature?

In the post, he mentioned that the temperature was 27 degrees outside during the time.

Since the frog was in the box for a couple of days, Simon thought that it would need some fresh air or else some natural habitat. At the time of the search, Simon named his new friend Tony.

Simon didn’t need Tony to be hurt, so he spoke with people to get advice on how to treat Tony with care. In time Simon was working on finding the best to do with Tony, it displayed a lot of qualities with mischiefs on his own.

Simon was concerned about Tony getting lost in his house.

He would get agitated on finding Tony. Considering Tony’s size, finding it would not be an easy task. More than everything, Tony will be in danger when he is out of the box.

Simon decided to bring a small terrarium for his small friend. It contained a few barks and leaves to make the box familiar to Tony. Yet Simon had no idea of how to get along with the problem. Since the warm day are ahead, Simon thought that it would be great for Tony to get adapted to nature.

But his social media followers requested him to make Tony his pet.

So finally, Tony became a resident at Simon’s place. A little while late Petco who saw the incident offered Simon funds to afford Tony a larger terrarium with rocks and foliage for Tony.

Simon was a leukemia survivor. As a kid, while suffering from leukemia he had a stuffed tree frog at all times.

It was a major fact to comfort his tough times. Accordingly Tony and Simon built a deep connection along with Simion’s childhood memories.

“I found photos of it yesterday, and it made me passionate because I had this tree frog with me the whole time through that incident. And Tony himself just he feels like such a little survivor, that it was really beautiful, having a full-circle moment,” said Simon in an interview.

Although Simon continued buying lettuce from Whole Foods. But didn’t forget to see for more Tony’s in the greens.

Check out the video below to see Simon and Tony in action and don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends and family.

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