When Queen Uneik lost her baby, she was heartbroken. Fortunately, though, her owner understood how to assist.

Mother animals adore their young so much. Like humans, all animals desire their children to be born into the world without facing catastrophe.

Unfortunately, difficulties can arise during labor and delivery.

Animals do face experiences the same as humans do. Mothers’ hearts also break if their kids or children die at birth. When parent animals realize they have lost their children, they seek them while appearing despondent.

A Friesian horse named Queen Uniek from The Netherlands was having her first foal.

Yet her owner realized there was a problem as soon as she started to give birth. She was burning her lips and prancing around within her stable because she was nervous then. Yvonne’s owner stood next to her and tried to soothe her.

An hour later, Uniek gave birth. However, the doctors who helped her removed a foal that was not breathing. The doctors tried their best, but it was too late to save him. He failed to succeed.

Yvonne remained to console Uniek.

The distraught mare repeatedly tried to revive her foal by licking him, but it was unsuccessful. The colt was removed from the mare’s stall while Yvonne attempted to reassure Unlike. She was aware that her adored horse was suffering greatly.

Then, fantastic news reached Yvonne and the remainder of the Friesian Horses team. A buddy called and informed her they had an orphaned foal.

At first, she wasn’t sure how Queen Uniek would react to the birth of another horse. Despite this, she believed it may be the answer to her sorrow.

They transported the foal to their premises in a vehicle. However, Yvonne was curious if Uniek was interested in taking the foal as her own. Whereas the foal really has no parent, she lost her son. There was a lot of hope.

The foal was progressively brought up to Uniek by Yvonne.

The initial encounters were quite hesitant. The foal responded to her sniff by doing the same.

She was undoubtedly thrilled to have the foal right in front of her. As a piece of evidence, we could see the slight dance in front of the foal, almost as if she were claiming Rising Star as her own.

The occasion was incredibly unique. Yvonne never anticipated this happening. They were aware that Queen Uniek had approved Rising Star right away, Yvonne told The Dodo.

Queen Uniek has been at Rising Star’s side ever since they met.

The next day, when they discovered the sweet mom and son in their stable, Uniek had intense feelings for her new son. She used to follow him everywhere he was going.

Rising Star was the loveliest foal Yvonne had ever seen, and she was always when she brought the two into the pasture. Like any juvenile animal, he ran and moved around freely. Uniek always kept in mind to keep her infant in sight and trailed closely after him.

Watch how Uneik greets the foal in the video down below!

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