A lovely couple keeps the full stop for a long wait of 1640 days in foster care for 6 siblings.


The couple Steve and Rod were planning to foster. However, they wouldn’t have even dreamt that they would adopt six siblings.

Life isn’t fair for every kid in the same way. Some get orphaned, while some get into foster care with their parents still alive.

Over 250,000 children are placed into the foster care system in the U.S every year. Not only a single child but all children of the family sometimes get included in the system.

Unfortunately, this brings up the bond among siblings to mess up since they are to be brought up under different caretakers.

In most cases, adoptive/ foster parents do look for a single and younger child.

According to research, it is mentioned that 80% of kids in the foster system have at least a sibling away from them. Being away from the family is already doing the damage; losing the affection of the siblings could maximize that discomfort.

Obviously, it is the sad truth, and they are separated until they meet up by any means.

Carlos(14), Guadalupe(13), Maria(12), Selena(10), Nasa(9), and Max(7) are six siblings who have been through more than enough hardships compared to their ages.

But by any means, they didn’t like to spread up. Hence it made it nearly impossible for them to find a suitable family environment.

Luckily everything did wind up with Steve and Rob Anderson-McLean entering their lives. The couple who had been together for nearly 20 years did feel for the lovely kids, only seeing them from a photograph.

In an interview, Rob said TODAY that once they saw them in the picture, they fell in love with the siblings. They were aware that most siblings get split since only the younger children get adopted. But the couple knew that these siblings needed to stay as one.

By July 2018, Steve and Rob had completed all of the necessary paperwork and were able to bring the siblings home.

At first, it was like a test run, although Steve could see they had already become a family.

Steve remembered the kids asking if they could stay forever after one week of adoption. They had visits to the park and zoo. They played in the yard. But it seemed like having fun was new to them.

It’s devastating to consider what the kids had been missing out on before Steve and Rob adopted them, but thank heavens they were allowed a second opportunity by one of the most wonderful couples.

The adoption was finally complete, and there wasn’t a single person without tears in the courtroom as it was happening.

Steve reminisced on the day that would live on in his heart forever; There was a great sense of relief among the children. They’d been let down by grownups so many times that they were afraid it wouldn’t happen this time.

The youngsters, as you could anticipate, still experience periods of doubt.

Max, 7, had to check with his father, Steve, one night to make sure he wasn’t going to be unadopted – and Steve instantly reassured him that he’d always be his baby.

Individuals like Steve and Rob are outstanding examples of society’s nicest and most kind humans.

At present most people would hesitate to adopt a single child. In such a society, the couple stands as golden hearts.

To learn more about the joyful family’s extraordinary experience, check the video below.

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