Homeless boy approaches car to beg for change – but when he peeks inside, he bursts into tears


A lot of well-off people look at poor people with mistrust. They assume that people asking for money on the streets are delinquents or thieves on the lookout for anything they can get their hands on.

However, the reality is that individuals residing in poverty frequently display greater generosity and empathy compared to those leading comfortable lifestyles.

John Thuo, a young boy residing in Nairobi, Kenya, serves as an illustration of this situation. Similar to numerous underprivileged children, he was accustomed to begging for money on the streets.

Image Source: Facebook/FIRST Magazine

John, a regular presence on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, used to spend his days begging for money. This often frustrates drivers who mistakenly assume that beggars are likely to be thieves.

John Thuo demonstrated that he is not just innocent of theft, but he also possesses a kind and generous heart.

While begging one day, the boy went up to a car to request money. However, upon peering inside, he was surprised by something out of the ordinary that caught his eye.

Image Source: Facebook/FIRST Magazine

The person driving the vehicle had tubes connected to them, using oxygen from a tank. Her name is Gladys Kamande, aged 32. She told John that her lungs had collapsed, making it hard for her to breathe, hence needing the oxygen tanks to survive.

Image Source: Facebook/FIRST Magazine

John was taken aback when he came to the realization that despite his own financial struggles, there are individuals in the world who are in a more dire situation than him, as they don’t even possess good health.

John was deeply moved and couldn’t hold back his tears. He decided to give Gladys all the money he had earned that day and reached out to hold her hand through the window.

A person walking by saw what happened, snapped some pictures, and shared the tale online. In just a short time, the story spread rapidly and set off a series of events that would forever alter the lives of both John and Gladys.

Gladys’ story quickly became known, resulting in an overwhelming response of generosity. Numerous donations were received, amounting to a total of $80,000. These contributions were made by compassionate individuals who wanted to help Gladys travel to India and receive the necessary treatment.

Image Source: Facebook/FIRST Magazine

John’s situation has improved since he gained attention on social media. He was rescued from the streets and found a caring home.

Nissy Wambugu, the woman who took him in, also provided him with the chance to begin his education!

Ultimately, John’s act of kindness not only benefited Gladys, but it also provided him with a mother and a place to call home.

Image Source: Facebook/FIRST Magazine

Kindly spread this heartwarming tale among your loved ones and acquaintances. Inform them that sometimes, a small act of kindness from a person can lead to a miraculous outcome.

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