Grandmother with entire body covered in tattoos reveals what she looked like decade ago


A lot of individuals enjoy getting tattoos to show their uniqueness, but there are others who strongly disapprove. Kerstin Tristan used to be against tattoos until 2015, when something happened that made her change her perspective completely.

Keep reading to find out more about her journey.

Kerstin Tristan, 56, is a mother and grandmother. Her hobbies are not typical for a grandmother, as she enjoys body modification art, especially tattoos.

Her body is now completely covered in tattoos, which required a significant financial investment. Surprisingly, she used to dislike tattoos until 2015. However, everything changed when she got her first tattoo that year, leading to a shift in her perspective.

She expressed her desire to try something different, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities in life.


Since 2015, she has used 30,000 euros (around US $32,000) just on tattoos for her body. Luckily, she has received plenty of attention and love for what she has done.

Her Instagram account has over 190,000 followers, and her TikTok videos have millions of views.

She confidently displays her appearance! On Instagram, she shares photos of herself flaunting her body. However, ten years ago, she had no tattoos and looked very different. Occasionally, she shares comparison pictures to show the significant transformation.


The influencer from Germany has colorful rose tattoos on her legs, a leopard print tattoo on her shoulders, and many intricate portraits on her arms. These tattoos are just a few of the many others covering her whole body.

She adores her current appearance, expressing, “Every time I see my reflection, I envision a stunning meadow blooming with flowers that simply radiates love.”

She’s not the only one who loves her look. One fan said, “It’s a beautiful work of art.” Another person commented, “Wow, stunning photo.”

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It’s important to keep expressing yourself no matter how old you are. Kerstin shows us that age shouldn’t limit how we express ourselves. What are your thoughts on her tattoos? Share in the comments.

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