A little girl’s money in her hat was the starting point for one of the most amazing flash mobs ever seen.


I would have loved to see this in person.

Today, people like surprising each other.

It’s not surprising that people can use the internet and cell phones to create big surprises and record strangers’ reactions when they least expect it.

Sometimes the surprise is so beautiful it’s indescribable.

A group of people who didn’t know what to expect came together in Sabadell, Spain to watch one musician perform in the center of the plaza.

The man stood with his instrument while people he didn’t know were nearby.

He was wearing a tuxedo and had a hat ready to take donations.

A young girl was the first one to go up to the musician and put a coin in his hat.

He started playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and she looked at him amazed.

A second woman came through the group of people and sat down in a chair nearby. She started playing her own musical instrument with strings.

It wasn’t surprising that many people walking by stopped to listen to the two singing.

No one expected it, but a beautiful scene was about to unfold in Placa de Sant Roc.

More musicians quickly came to the plaza.

At first there were only a few people, but then more and more kept coming.

Musicians of all kinds, from wind instrument players to violinists, quickly came together to form an orchestra of 100 people.

Banco Sabadell, a bank in Spain, created a flashmob to celebrate their 130th anniversary. People from the Lieder, Amics de l’Òpera, Vallès Symphony Orchestra, and Coral Belles Arts choirs participated.

People took out their phones to record the amazing performance. Even the conductor stood up to lead the musicians, whose music filled the air in a beautiful way.

The performance became even more exciting when a choir started singing “Ode to Joy,” which is from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Some people stayed quiet while others said the words out loud.

Children of all ages danced and had fun to the music.

Everyone saw something that gave them goosebumps and made some people cry.

Finally, the grand finale arrived.

The orchestra became quieter at one point.

People stood there with their phones, curious to see what would happen next as the performance became more and more eerie.

The conductor moved his arms to signal the musicians and choir to play louder, making the sound even better.

It was their way of going out with a bang.

The video of the flashmob posted by Banco Sabadell on YouTube spread very quickly.

The video has been viewed over 89 million times. It was created as part of their Som Sabadell campaign, which translates to “We are Sabadell”.

People from all over the globe were touched by the amazing show – it was an unexpected delight for those who were fortunate enough to be there.

People have expressed their opinions on the internet, and Michael said,

I wish I could have seen this with my own eyes. The happiness of the young and old people was invaluable.

Charles, a man, wrote.

No matter how often I watch this video or listen to this amazing music, I still get tears of joy and a feeling of joy inside. It’s just wonderful, divine and perfect music!

The flashmob was able to unite a bunch of strangers that day with the power of music. It was an amazing show that you shouldn’t miss.

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