A little girl with cancer danced with the nurse celebrating her last chemo.


“Nursing for me is my heart”: this nurse always tries to create unique moments with his “little patients” so that they feel supported in their treatments.

The fact that a child has a serious illness is surely the worst thing that can happen to any parent. The discovery, treatments, and watching your child deteriorate and the disease get worse sounds like a nightmare. Although, over the years, the treatments have evolved and the possibility of finding a cure increases more and more, the recovery process is always distressing. For this reason, children must have a support network that accompanies them psychologically and emotionally.

Thus, every day it is more common for us to see the medical staff preparing to carry out new treatments and provide the emotional support needed. An example is Daniel Yolan, a nurse who recently went viral for the special treatment he has with the children of the Hospital Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Milena came into Daniel’s life, a girl with cancer who completely won his heart. According to infobae, Daniel, Milena and her mother have become a united team to face the complicated health of the little girl.

One of the tools they have used to make their process more bearable is the Tik Tok social network. On this platform, they upload videos of dancing, having fun and playing. It became a stress reliever.

“We were waiting for the chemo to be brought from the pharmacy and Mile said to me: ‘Shall we do a Tiktok?’ The mother put on the music and we began to dance, playing,” said Daniel, who assures that these methods make the children feel more supported and encouraged.

According to the nurse’s statement, Milena is going through her last stage of chemotherapy, so they wanted to use her dance on Tiktok as a farewell to treatment.

Daniel applies these activities to each of his “little patients”, and the ritual is now known as “the victory dance.” However, apparently with Milena, this has been even more special: “When I saw her and her mom and dad, hurt by the diagnosis she had, I went with them and with Mile, we had that first contact and we knew we were going to get along well always,” he said.

For the specialist, it is extremely important to generate this type of environment for their patients because the children feel free from stress.

“It was a very nice moment. This possibility of playing, which is something that really stands out from the Foundation, because it enables us to be able to make these treatments as bearable as possible because all of this is very hard,” he added.

The video soon went viral, and Milena realized this, so she wrote to Daniel to thank him: “Nursing is my heart, the engine of my life. Emotion invades me! Getting up early every day to work for those boys is what keeps me going, it exceeds the word profession, which is too small for it. Nursing is everything to me,” she closed.


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