A lady awakens to find a strange dog refusing to leave her outdoor poach.


Amy was getting ready for work when she discovered an unexpected guest on her back porch.

Do you like dogs or other animals? Do you enjoy having your pets around the house?

Amy Haden lives with her daughter in a nice yard, where they live quietly with two dogs.

Mom daughter hurried out to her as she was getting ready for work one morning, claiming there was a dog on their porch. “I just let the dogs out this morning,” she explained, as if nothing had occurred. Amy was surprised when her child replied, “No, this dog is not ours.”

When she looked out on their back porch, she saw with her own eyes that the dog outside was not theirs.
“Who’s that dog?” Amy inquired of her daughter.

“I’m not sure… It’s not the dog from next door. “I know they don’t have a dog like that,” her daughter responded.

Amy gathered information from her neighbors in order to identify the owner. She contacted her neighbors and even posted on Facebook, but no one claimed him. She, on the other hand, did not give up. She went to the vet to get a microchip scanned, but they discovered none.

So they decided to take him home for the time being and figure out what to do next. They continued to look for the owners while caring for Walker. Because they couldn’t come up with a name, they decided to let the TikTok community name him.

“She told us she had been praying for a puppy like him and that we were the answer to her prayers,” Amy recalled.

Walker, while being a wonderful dog, was unable to get along with Amy’s other dogs. She needed to find him a new place to live.

When they were unable to locate Walker’s prior owner, they decided to find him a new home. It was a difficult choice for them to make because they had grown to love Walker. The cost and time commitment of caring for three dogs, on the other hand, was too much for her and her daughter.

Fortunately, they were able to place this wonderful puppy with an elderly lady.

It’s fantastic that Amy paved the door for them to meet.

While Amy’s tale ended happily, it will not always be the same for each lost or stray dog we encounter on the streets or in our homes. The RSPCA has provided some pointers on what to do.

If the dog is wounded or sick, contact your local animal shelter or animal welfare organization right away so that the dog can receive adequate medical treatment.

Approach them with caution if they are healthy. Do not lean in or tower over the dog. You can sit and wait for them to come to you while speaking to them softly. Check to see if they’re wearing a mask when they come to you and allow you take care of them.

However, if they are healthy, proceed with caution. Don’t lean in or tower over the dog. You can sit and wait for them to come to you while speaking to them in a nice, mellow tone. When they come to you and allow you take care of them, check to see whether they’re wearing a tag with their owner’s information.

If not, and there is still time, take them to the vet to be examined out and to seek for a microchip. Contact your neighbors to discover the owners. Make a social media post. Put up posters.

When you can’t discover the owner, pick whether you want to retain them or find them a new home.

Watch this video to see more of this lovely puppy in action.

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