A kind girl becomes her friend’s date to a dance event when everyone else denies it. She was thanked with a big surprise for her generosity.


he homecoming dance is an event that most 17-year-olds in high school are looking forward to.

A boy named Daniel Rivas, a Las Vegas resident was also excited to attend the yearly event. There was just one issue, though. He didn’t have a date.

Daniel was suffering from ‘Down syndrome.’ Therefore, the girls he proposed for a date have just ignored him. Thankfully, Kylie Fronius stepped in at that point.

Kylie stepped up when she overheard her classmate wanting a date and invited him to homecoming.

She told Fox5 Las Vegas that she doesn’t consider kids with disabilities as odd people. Thus view themselves as regular person learning uniquely.

Daniel’s mother, Tonya, was touched and taken aback by the girl’s generosity.

She explained her thoughts; “It’s not about Daniel’s disabilities, but Kylie, who didn’t notice any difference. As a mother, that is what your heart desires from society.”

After overhearing the story of the amazing teenagers, they highlighted them in a program that captured the attention of hundreds of people.
“All you had to do was turn on the news story you [Fox] broadcasted, and you saw a young woman with a great heart, and she was motivating,” United Nissan’s Don Foreman said.

Other than that, the station had more plans coming up for them.

Monica Jackson, the anchor of the Fox5 Surprise Squad, visited Kylie and Daniel on the eve of their homecoming dance.

Jackson and the rest of the crew had prepared a list of events for the two kids to make the occasion one they would never forget. The company first dispatched a Rolls Royce so that the pair could arrive for the dance in style.

Jackson said that the story of the teenager gave society an impactful message.

Before attending the dance, the team planned a dinner date at a high-end neighbourhood eatery.

Tonya, Daniel’s mother, sobs as she reveals that she has never been able to take her family to such a dinner.

The teenagers enjoyed the supper together and arrived at the dancing event. They were welcomed to the event on a red carpet in an extraordinary manner.

After being welcomed, Daniel and Kylie enjoyed the event dancing together. Suddenly, the partying was stopped for a moment by Jackson. He walked onto the stage, saying,” We’re not quite finished yet.”

Next, Jackson surprised the teenagers and their parents with two complimentary Disneyland visits.

The whole family was astonished by this beautiful surprise.

Fox’s incredible gift has gotten over 6.6 million views since it was published on YouTube. Kylie’s generosity touches you right away, and the clip only keeps getting better from that.

“She is really well-raised and is a lovely soul.” “I wish her happiness.”

“I’m 54-years-old now, she’s still a teenager, but she has more elegance, moral backbone, and character than I have.” Her main flaw is that she made me tear up.”

“Wow, it’s incredible. Watching this without tearing up is just impossible. The world needs more people like her. “

Daniel and Kylie’s night would have been amazing anyway, but these generous strangers made it better than expected.

Watch the following clip to witness the teenagers get the grandest surprise of their lives, and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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