A homeless mother requests a Cop and his wife to take over her baby.


As usual, Officer Jesse Whitten speaks with the homeless woman. But he would have never thought that she would ask for a life-changing favor.

Police officers are always on standby to serve the community. Even though there are many instances where they have served over their responsibilities. In the incident you are about to read, a cop from Santa Rosa, California had reached a new level of serving the community by adopting a homeless woman’s baby.

A day that started as a regular workday made a turning point in the lives of Officer Jesse Whitten and his wife.

Jesse had been working for 10 years under the position and had many years ahead as a police officer. During work, he had been friends with a homeless woman with an addiction. At times he had worked to find shelters for the homeless.

The officer’s wife Ashley once joined him on a ride out to the streets. There she had a chance to meet the homeless lady.

Ashely witnessed that the homeless woman was bearing a child in her belly. The homeless woman kept Ashley’s hand on her belly. Ashley won’t even have thought that the baby she is feeling now is going to be her child a year later.

At the time of these incidents, the Whitten family had 3 little girls, all under eight years.

In the month of February, the homeless lady requested the couple to adopt her child. The Whittens did agree that while there’s a risk of health consequences for the newborn. Such golden hearted people.

In case the newborn mother was addicted it may have some health concerns for the baby, Samurai Levi stated.

Another viewer commented that the addicted mother gets the viewer’s respect. It’s because she decided to ask a family to adopt the baby instead of risking the baby’s life. Everyone cannot do the same.

Another viewer said that the homeless woman did see through her self-induced madness and noticed that the couple were good, stable, loving folks. This shows that she worked wisely in deciding her daughter’s future. I respect her for that deed.

The new parents of the newborn are fond of their new member. She has had the sweetest disposition and at the same time very engaged and observant. She tends to characters of a future cop. Also, I hope that she will also be as kind as her papa.

At the judge, all three sisters ( Reese – 7, Kendall – 5, and Stell – 3) gave their yeses, making it 5 yeses to make the newborn a solidified member of the family.

The new sibling was named Harlow Maisey. The middle name was given by her birth mother while her real mother Jesse gave her the name Harlow.

She’s so adorable. She will cry if she needs something. It’s how babies do. However, it lasts only until someone touches her. Then onwards she will be cuddling knowing that she’s in safe hands.

Yet the Whittens work to share photos of Harlow with her biological mother to keep connected with her. Also, they hope to advocate for foster children.

The foster kids are not broken at all. They just need some love to bloom up. And there’s plenty if we search around. Said Ashley.

Also, he shared that Harlow’s biological mom needed her daughter to lead a better life. In the case of her status, she turned into a kind couple only to see her just fine forever. That’s what pure mother’s love looks like.

To know more about the heartwarming story, check the video below.

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