A high school boy changes his differently-abled friend’s life, buying him an electric wheelchair; he worked 2 years saving on it.


Tanner watched his friend going through a lot of trouble with his old wheelchair every day since knowing him. Even though Tanner couldn’t afford a new one, he didn’t give up.

A good friend is like a bright light you get while walking in total darkness. When you are in some sort of trouble, they will know it even before you tell and will act to get you out of it. You know what they say, a good friend will change your life forever!

This story is about one such friendship Brandon and Tanner are best friends and learn in Arkansas high school together. When they first met, Brandon was using a manual wheelchair.

The functioning of the wheelchair was solely done by Brandon using his arm strength. It was physically exhausting for him, he had to spend all his strength only to move as the high school had big hallways.

“A starts hurting by mid-day, as I get tired the pain increases and it will be 2 minutes moving and 5 minutes resting if I move,” said Brandan to THVILL

Brandon’s best friend, Tanner, was sad about his friend’s situation.

Whenever the two friends are together, Tanner helps Brandan move by pushing his wheelchair. Brandon always talked about how good it would be if he had an electric wheelchair. Even though Tanner was happy helping him, Brandon’s words were stuck in his head. Tanner saw the suffering he went through ever since they met. So, he decided to do something to help him.

” I’ve known him for a long time and he’s a good friend. I just wanted him to be happy,“Tanner said to THVILL.
Tanner promised himself, ‘ I will buy him an electric wheelchair, one way or another.

Tanner got a part-time job and started to collect money to help Brandon.

He worked for two years straight, determined to help his friend. It was a part-time job at an auto repair shop and he worked every afternoon even on days he was really tired. He saved bit by bit and eventually the needed amount was earned. Tanner always told himself, ” he might be unable to help himself but I can, I will do it for him”.

Tanner had to spend some time searching for the best fitting wheelchair for Brandon.

Brandon for her graduation, but Tanner’s mom kept searching for a wheelchair on the internet. After some finding non matching wheelchairs, she finally found the perfect fit for Brandon. Tanner planned to give it on Brandon’s birthday.

After buying the wheelchair, Tanner gifts it to Brandon during the school day.

The moment of gifting it was heartwarming. Brandon couldn’t resist tears after seeing his new wheelchair.

Brandon couldn’t turn his feelings into words to thank Tanner for his kindness. Brandon got him a new wheelchair and started to beam through the hallways. His happiness was over the moon.

Tanner also got teared up, seeing Brandon’s excitement. Brandon kept moving here and there for some time.

“This is the best gift ever. I may hit a few doors but it is worth it!”

Watch the video below to watch more about this beautiful friendship! Also, don’t forget to share the story with your loved ones.

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