A herd of elephants makes time to pay respect to a dead animal on their way home.


The leader of the herd of elephants was Kham La. On the way, returning home, she had her attention on something strange on the dock.

Do you know what animal is the world’s largest, land-living mammal? You got it right! It’s the elephant. Precisely it is the African bush elephant. These giant creatures are always mesmerizing. Let us discover one such act of these majestic creatures.

Usually, elephants form groups as young females and calves as a herd, with the matriarch being their leader.

In the park, which we are about to find about, Kham La is the leading Female elephant. All the elephants follow the steps of their leader.

The method is very typical in herds. They tend to develop lifelong bonds with one another and hence defend one another.

But on this exact day, one of the elephants detected a distinctive scent.

The docks were emitting an odd smell.

Following the aroma, the leader moves closer to a floating deck alongside the river. Accordingly, the herd is also summoned to follow what she does.

Though it was not surprising that the complete herd went to explore the dock because elephants are sociable animals.

Soon all of them were near the dock. Everyone hung out there until what was happening was discovered.

They continued searching the above and underneath the dock for the origin of the weird scent.

Typically, elephants are abundant under tropical climatic conditions. In case they carry an adaptation to living much closer to water bodies to get hydrated while protecting their skin from the exposure to the sun.

They also have a keen sense of whether something is strange or off because they spend most of their time near the water.

The personnel of the Elephant Nature Park found out the smell was coming from a dead rat lying under the deck. The rat probably wouldn’t have been found until much longer, or maybe never, if it weren’t for the elephants.

Once the mystery was solved, the matriarch led the elephants back to their home.

They still always travel in a line since they feel that the matriarch (their female leader) precisely knows how to get home. Obviously, they understand it is more secure.

It appears as the various calls they make under different conditions.

When the elephant detected the unfamiliar scent, it made a low, drawn-out sound, to which another elephant responded with a high-pitched sound.

Hearing them express themselves to one another with various cries is quite fascinating.

Even yet, the elephants held up their trunks to ask the other animals to join over and take a look.

They gathered around the dock as they arrived there to search for the cause.

Elephants utilized their trunks to find objects or the source, whereas people used their hands. In reality, they utilize their trunks to gather food, produce noises, and detect scents.

The remaining elephants paused on the spot since herds of elephants often roamed together until the leader or matriarch decided it was safe to go.

The matriarch ensures that every elephant is there and prepared to go before they depart.

The creatures are sometimes much more disciplined than humans. They respect their leader because they know the leader always does what’s best and safer for them.

After all, elephant herds stay together throughout their whole life.

Check out the video below to see these elephants assemble to show their appreciation!

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