A guy wanted to humiliate the bus driver by starting to record an unusual scene on the bus!


A strange event took place on a crowded bus during a regular day as the driver quietly drove the vehicle.

The driver’s coat caught the attention of one passenger, who then examined it closely. To their surprise, they found numerous insects crawling on the driver’s neck and ears. The passenger was utterly amazed to see hundreds of them.

The man started recording the whole incident and later shared the video on Facebook. Primo Onipa, the person who filmed the event, mentioned in a Facebook post that the bugs were lice. He decided to embarrass the bus driver because he was extremely upset and disgusted by the situation.

The driver, as Primo mentioned, had a terrible smell and seemed like he hadn’t taken a bath or changed his clothes for over a year. In the pictures, you can see that the driver has gotten used to these small bugs and they don’t seem to bother him anymore.

After watching the video on Facebook, online users expressed their strong anger, stating that it is unacceptable for a person with lice to be responsible for a bus carrying numerous passengers.

Lice are tiny bugs that reside on the head and survive by consuming blood. While feeding, they release saliva into the skin, resulting in itchiness.

The louse is as small as a sesame seed and has a gray/brown color. Due to the ideal temperature conditions, the female louse produces a chemical that helps the eggs stick to the hair. The eggs are attached to the hair about 3-4 millimeters from the base.

It commonly happens behind the ears and in the back of the neck. Itching may not be present at first during the initial illness. Scratching the sores increases the risk of superinfection.

Lice are difficult to detect because they are small and fast. However, they can eventually be captured by placing sticky tape over the affected area.

Lice are one of the most harmful parasites for humans, which negatively affects a person’s confidence and self-perception.

Experts say that lice do not necessarily mean someone is poor or unclean. Even the most hygienic individuals can have lice. The real concern is that lice can carry various diseases and easily pass from one person to another.

Look at the pictures of the bus driver covered in countless lice.

Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the video has removed it.

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