A guy digging his yard finds a bundle of money from the Great Depression.


Initially, he struck the glass. Then, more and more started emerging from the ground.

Everyone has watched such incidents in films, where a character hides a pile of cash to expect that a deserving person will find it again someday.

This lucky South Jersey family discovered that it actually occurs in real life. The couple unearthed cash from over a century ago in their front garden.

We rarely see people discover things from the past hidden in their own backyard. The couple Rich Gilson and his wife Suzanne are one such pair. This past July, the pair discovered an intriguing time capsule from the past.

The whole thing began with some digging.

The Gilson family opted to dig their front garden in the past July without knowing they would discover an artifact from the past.

First, it was just some glass.

However, it wasn’t root balls.

Then he came across something which he believed was root balls.

He found a couple of burlap bags with cash packed within. In the beginning, they had previously been in the broken glass jar Rich struct.

Soon Rich understood that what at first seemed to be root balls was cash.

The two burlap cash bags contained $2000 worth of $10 and $20 bills with the year 1934 printed on them.

How significant could anything like this have been to a person in 1934? As the Great Depression was in full force during the period.

You probably wouldn’t believe the worth of the money in today’s money, either.

In current dollars, $2,000 from the 193o’s would have been astronomically worth $40,000.

As Suzanne Gilson took a look at the worth of $2,000 in 1934, she was astounded by what she saw.

It appeared as though this guy had buried $40,000 in the ground.

Anyway, who buried this money?

The Gilsons were able to learn the tale hidden behind the cash as well.

Rich initially had in his mind that it must have something connected to illegal activity. However, the truth popped up soon.

The owner of the home was James Dempsey. He had made her daughter bury the money underneath the grounds.

Though the money wasn’t anything earned from false methods, as Rich thought. It was all made with hard work and was just hidden during the times of the great depression.

Unfortunately, the family themselves had forgotten where they had hidden their money.

The amount discovered wasn’t a vast sum, yet the back story had made the cash worth it. Rich claimed that he would not be spending it any soon.

Rich told ABC 6 news that it’s a lot of money, though not a life-changing amount. It was an incident that took place 90 years from now and is always interesting to remember. People frequently keep asking, what will you do with the money? And Rich is not ready to spend it.

It’s a fascinating discovery. To watch it yourself, watch the video below, and don’t forget to share this with your loved ones.

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